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The "study book" on the Titus 2 woman that became a Memorial of a great Christian woman

They were life long friends from their teenage years. They became partners in faith as newlyweds. For forty years they shared and matured a powerful love for one another through the beauty of a vibrant faith in Jesus Christ. Then suddenly the unexpected ... Anne Morey was called home to be with her Lord on June 3rd, 2012.

Anne's graduation to Glory was the most painful experience in my life...yet her death was gain to her...   - Dr. Robert Morey, husband to his beloved Anne

This book brings to life the aspirations, hopes, and dreams of a true "Titus 2 woman" to all who knew her. Like the virtuous woman of Proverbs 21, she dearly loved her Lord - and those whose life she touched for Christ Jesus.

Anne Morey
But far from being only "dreams", Dr. Anne Morey showed her unique gifts for translating those dreams and aspirations into compelling and insightful lessons for mentoring and nurturing love, kindness, and counsel in the Truth as she knew it to be in Christ. This legacy provided many women with the courage and strength to live an enriched, lively walk with their Saviour.

Dr. Anne Morey's life was filled with people she loved and so many to whom she was endeared.Dr. Anne Morey made this book her passion. Her life was a testimony to the satisfaction and joy Christian women as they face the many and varied aspects of their daily lives. She proves from God's Holy Word that EVERY Christian woman can live a full, satisfying and enriched life through the Presence and Guidance of the Lord. But, she goes much further: she shows WHAT God promises and HOW God leads a woman to achieve that victorious and fulfilling life in Jesus Christ.

Anne Morey was often sought out by many women through the churches pastored by her husband as well as the many ministries undertaken in over five decades of Christian service. The Biblical Discipleship Program for Women was designed for all Christian women, as Anne detailed HOW the Christian woman is uniquely called to serve Jesus Christ. The lessons are offered as seen through the discerning faith of this lovely and yet renowned Christian woman.

What is the "Titus 2 Woman"?
The aged women likewise, that they be in behavior as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. - Titus 2:3-5
Anne always wanted to write a book for Christian women. Over the years, so many women expressed their need for a a book they could consult so as to grow in grace where they can assume the calling of Titus 2. She worked hard, pouring over the notes she kept over the years, so as to capture in clear, understandable language, the timeless lessons of spiritual growth in her love for her husband... in studying what it meant to her to create a distinctively "Christian home and family"...yet having the time to organize and run women's ministries in the church, while giving biblical guidance on how women could use their spiritual gifts in the Body of Christ.

Through the years, she developed her unique approach to her Biblical women's discipleship program, thereby helping hundreds of Christian women of all age groups and maturities to grow in grace without sacrificing their loved ones in the process (Titus 2). The Lord, in His mercy, allowed Anne to complete her book on women's discipleship just before her untimely death.

Too many "women's ministries" focus on baking cookies, making dolls, gathering clothing for the poor. And all too many gatherings descend into the world of gossip and sinfulness (I Timothy 5: 13).

Anne Morey often wondered, "Why can't women study the Bible in depth? That is exactly what she and her husband did all throughout their lives together...and that is what she set out to accomplish in Biblical Discipleship Program for Women. Because she had such experience in developing women's ministries within the churches, she was uniquely positioned and qualified to offer this Biblical women's discipleship program. 

Titus 2:3-5 gave Anne the key to developing God's plan for discipling women. Out of that experience would come her Christian womens' discipleship program. There are different approaches to womens' discipleship, she suggests. Anne includes lessons on how mature Christian women can enlist the help of the elders of the church on a variety of topics, each vital to Christian life.

Anne further develops methods and approaches for personally training younger women in subjects that cause them to GROW in godliness, knowledge of the Truth and wise counsels. If churches were to follow what God laid out in Titus 2:3-5, the women in the church would rise up as a mighty army of God to confront and conquer the evil in the church and the surrounding world.

Titus 2: The Glory of the Christian Woman

Christian women are pulled in many directions. Home, marriage, children, education, ministry... So many differing, yet necessary concerns, trials and cares. In the words of her husband,

Anne was not just a wonderful wife and mother. She was also a dedicated and fearless servant of her Lord Jesus. She was not afraid, like Deborah of old, to take up the Sword of the Spirit in the cause of God and truth.

Her love of the Truth and her forthright spirit often moved her to face the kinds of spiritual warfare so common to the callings of Christian women. Her courage was drawn from the depths of a great love for the lost. Again, her husband's words...

That is what drew me to her when we were teenagers. She accompanied me on the streets of New York City to hand out tracts to the lost. Together we counseled runaway teenagers in Greenwich Village. She loved going to Apologetics Class every Monday night. We discussed philosophy and theology with great relish. We loved Francis and Edith Schaeffer so much that we spent part of our honeymoon at L'Abri.

By the Grace of God, before she died, Anne finished her book on the biblical plan for women's discipleship programs. Her godly influence and example lives on in the lives of the many women she discipled over the decades. Now, you can share this powerful and lasting legacy as you read this book and implement its programs in your home and churches.

 An Outstanding Study for Christian Women
Here is what this E-workbook personal study program brings to a woman's heart!

What Do the Chapters of This EBook Cover?

Put differently... HOW does a woman become a "Titus 2 woman?"

Discipleship for Women

Chapters 1-3: Reverence and Our "Likeness" to Jesus Christ...

Remembering that our goal in life is to bring Glory the God, The Biblical Discipleship Program for Women encourages women to reach high for that great reward "laid up in store for us" heaven. This program is designed to be taught to women of the church, who in turn can teach the younger women how to live reverently all the while encouraging one another to grow in the likeness of Christ.
  • Chapter 1 deals in depth with spiritual maturity and why it is such a blessing to our walk, our husbands, our families ...and to the Name of the Lord. 
  • Chapter 2 expands upon the foundation laid in Chapter 1, giving women "God’s plan for the Christian woman" as each of us grows in grace! The Great Truths of Scripture are taught with an earnestness you can feel, flowing from the pen of the author.
  • Chapter 3 is simple in its powerful theme: If you begin to build, don't quit! This Chapter will help you to master and overcome the ever tempting "easy-to-give-up" discouragement so common to busy moms and wives...not to mention those who look to the future for their family. The Chapter helps call us further into a spiritual maturity of the Christian woman who learns "HOW" to strive effectively,  for and reach that goal, relying on the Spirit of God as you grown in grace.

Chapter 4: How are we then to Act?

Reverent behavior is stressed in this chapter as women are encouraged to remember they are priests of the most High God. This chapter is about women becoming loyal to God, and encouraging attributes of reverent behavior, all the while teaching to set your minds on things above.  She encourages women to spend time in Bible Reading and Prayer, and there are aids in the back of the book which aid in that endeavor.   Character development is stressed, as we’re encouraged to think lovely thoughts, do good deeds, discern spiritual gifts, use our time wisely and how to keep a good reputation.

Chapter 5 and 6: Problems with the Tongue? Yes...James tells us all have problems with the tongue. Though that is a "comfort" (of sorts) it really shows us we all must learn to handle the temptations surrounding the need for Self-control, which is crucial to controlling the sometimes-out-of-control-tongue.

These chapters will teach women about the horrors of tale-bearing and gossip, how slander is devastating to friends, family and the church. The chapters outline practical ways as to "how" judging others must be handled with caution. These two chapters also deal give us a key to self-control, and judging with our tongues...namely, learning to pray with and for one another! The chapter helps us to engage prayer partnerships for help and guidance. 

One of the great advantages she brings to the discussion is a knowledge of New Testament Greek. Dr. Anne Morey utilizes the Greek showing the real roots of slander and how the devil gains his advantage.  Anne takes a good look at Scriptures as she deals candidly with anger, self-pity, guilt and greed as they head up a list of sins with which all of us need beware.

Chapter 7 is lengthy. The Titus 2 woman knows how to love her husband... and the author gives us practical, biblical instruction on how to love your husband. 

Dr. Anne spends some time considering those women who have faced such trying circumstances such as the needs of widows, divorced women, and single "desiring-to-marry" and teach how to remember that “it’s not ALL about me.” But... she adds, "It is very much about you!"

Chapter 8,  How to love your children, should have been entitled “How to Love Children” for Anne deals with not only women who have had children, but a commitment one must have towards all children in their lives, be they nieces, or granddaughters, or children they teach in church or come in contact with. Her emphasis is on your responsibility to teach the love of Christ. Anne has suggestions on discipline, and recommends a number of books she believes will be helpful to women rearing children.  She voices her opinion on spanking and how to distinguish between will defiance and childishness. She helps you set goals for your children, and also has much to say about education decisions.

Chapter 9 deals with making wise decisions, not only in major issues, but in everyday life.  Anne begins with the need to accept God’s Word as ultimate in authority.  She deals with applying wisdom and has many scriptural applications.  She helps women establish and understand authority, and also helps women discern between counsel and command. Prayer is encouraged here and Dr Anne establishes 6 Sections of Prayer which help you divide your prayer sessions without focusing on the clock.

Chapter 10 helps women Maintain and promote Moral Purity.  She teaches on fornication, adultery and impure though life. She practically deals with how women can increase morality and keep a check on their “feelings.”  She always encourages women to focus on Christ.  Anne also includes here, her “rules of courtship,” which can be built upon for your own situations.

Chapter 11, being a Successful Homemaker, deals with the value of homemaking whether you are a full time homemaker or a homemaker who works outside the home as well. She stresses how your attitude is key.  She deals with clinical depression and how to deal with depression biblically, as you surrender your life to the Lord.  She encourages women to learn the “Secret of Contentment,” of which gratitude is at the heart.  She stresses a comfortable, well organized home.
Chapter 12, dealing with “Showing Kindness” teaches women how love handles people, how to respond and Scriptures galore to guide you. Anne is firm about Kindness being a calling from God in light of his kindness to us.  She gives examples like the Good Samaritan, also a word about the Pastor’s Wife and the heartbreaks she handles.  She gives a personal story about her husband’s grandma and also how good Works fit into the plan of salvation.

Chapter 13 helps women develop a Submissive Spirit. Anne reminds us God is the ultimate authority on everything. She deals with the Greek again, which helps us see so much more clearly that this is Voluntary Submission to our husbands as we “place ourselves under the authority of”… and the characteristics of voluntary submission as was Christ’s for His Church.  Anne carefully deals with your submissive spirit as she gently teaches women why coveting the position of the husband’s headship is most definitely something to avoid.  She teaches the difference between BEING and FUNCTION   as you teach Ontology and Economic.. She does not use Ontological and Economic however.

Chapter 14. This is the chapter that helps the leaders of the program to set it up.  The guidelines are specific as she lays out the goals of the program, the elements of the program, putting together odds and ends that will help in the setup as well as when to have your meetings.   The goals of the program are to teach Four Character Qualities, and the 7 Curriculum topics of Titus 2.  Here she deals with the power of prayer, retreat suggestions and the pleasure gained in making this program work, to God’s Glory.

Conclusion: Refrain from Blasphemy is the theme of the conclusion. Here Anne puts the program lessons into play and tells the women how to prevent blasphemy.  She articulates well the how we must always remember God’s reputation is your primary concern. We’ve come full circle, and must remember we are here for God’s Glory.