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February 22nd, 2018

Wayne Sedlak

There are three grievous Problems in American (and, more generally, “Western Christianity”). Here is the first of those three problems:

1) Problem: The Church of Jesus Christ, as a compelling force for Righteousness, appears to be almost absent from the current Culture War being waged globally.

Author- historian, Steven Ozment, in his book Protestants: Birth of a Revolution, wrote that the Protestant Reformers understood that “Reform that existed only in pamphlets and sermons, and not also in law and institutions, would remain a private affair, confined to all intents and purposes within the minds of preachers and pamphleteers.”

Pietism, the modern expression of Christianity today, makes Faith an EXCLUSIVELY personal affair. Pietistic preaching teaches its people that the world

Present day Western Christianity – especially as practiced in America - is perfectly content for the Christian faith to “remain a private affair,” hence the malaise in our culture. True Christianity understands that it is not an either/or – rather – it understands true Christianity benefits individual men and is a benefit to society (Proverbs 1: 20ff.)

The Barna Group recently found that 80% of Christians do not know how to apply their Christianity to their everyday life. This is due to the fact that Pietism fragments everything between the so-called “spiritual” and the “unspiritual” and thinks God’s Word doesn’t have anything to say about many areas of culture: law, education, government, business, economics or science as just a few examples. Such thinking results in the individual Pietistic-Christian conforming to every area of American life because he views Christianity as not being applicable to his everyday life and every area of life. Therefore he finds Standards in pagan sources to which he gives his allegiance.

Not too long ago I received a mailer from a “bible-believing” church inviting my family to hear a “sermon series” about “tension.” This is all Pietistic Christianity has to offer the nation and culture – and this is what one’s Christianity is reduced to by Pietism – a therapy for tension, or other such similar subjects.

Christian men of old saw things far differently. They Believed that all authorities, including the kings and rulers of this world, should “kiss the Son, lest He be angry” (Psalm 2:10-12). They sought to win the magistrates of their day to Christ and to (at least) respect His rule. They understood that the law of God in society was needed, and that civil government was supposed to be a picture of God’s justice and glory in the earth, causing men to bless God, take hope in His Wise Counsels, and further consider matters of eternal salvation found in His Son.

We are not talking about a socio-political utopia here, since the nature of man forbids it. I can assure you however that when Christian men of old found themselves in a dire situation, they didn’t open up their “prophesy charts” nor did they make prophesy THE test of Christian character and belief. Rather, they picked up their Bibles and looked to construct a Christian way of living, which results in a more heavily Christianized society. May the Lord grant us the grace to do likewise.

2) Problem: Christianity, whether liberal, pietistic, or even Reformed, all too often gives its strength to aberrant social reforms…especially in misguided (or willful) acts of alleged charity and (alleged) social injustices, usually led by socialistic worldview mongers.

I. Symptom of the Problem:

“Among all the trades, occupations, and professions in the country, few can produce as high a percentage of Socialists as can the (Christian) ministry.” – Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. The Politics of Upheaval, The Age of Roosevelt, Vol. III, p. 156.

3) Problem: The Christian Church lacks the men with discernment to teach and lead the churches in the foundations of social order as expressed throughout the Laws of God. Such men need to have the discernment and training to apply principles of God’s Word to the issues of the culture surrounding the Church.

II. Worldview Experience:

Wayne C. Sedlak is a minister with almost four decades of work in ministry, education, publishing, economics and business (all blended interests focusing upon ministry). His training is unique in that it was pursued through conventional channels but, of necessity, took a route used by few in the field: unique experience in difficult and sometimes dangerous circumstances (missions on two continents, for example).

The need for a distinctively different kind of seminary became Wayne’s vision many years ago. The initial need is to establish oversight of a future seminary. That oversight must be biblically exercised by elders of a church, well trained to uphold the Standards of that Church and its ministries (including a seminary).

Wayne has built four churches over the years. Believing that the Gospel and biblical training can be advanced through entrepreneurial endeavor, he retired from pastoral ministry back in 2001 so as to pursue the ministry in business (publishing) and the training of Christian people in entrepreneurial pursuits.

Wayne was raised by Cyril Sedlak (accountant, recognized expert witness for his field in courts of law) and Wilma Sedlak (Registered Nurse, recognition by the Governor of Pennsylvania for outstanding professional service) - both professional people (retired), who as Christian parents recognized the “60s” social revolution to be a much deeper phenomenon warranting more than a simplistic concern for both the state of the Church in America and the freedoms of our nation. They inculcated the same concerns in their children. Several questions they raised included the following:

1) “What has happened to the Christian minister?

2) “Where is the pulpit in our nation’s moment of crisis?”

3) “How is it the Social and Political Left have gained control of the culture carriers?”

4) “Why are ministers, including the most “faithful ones” unable to WARN the pews effectively, and “equip” the pews to think and act effectively, creating the discernments needed to overcome unrighteousness?”

5) Wayne grew up “studying” that problem firsthand, while studying for ministry and later while conducting ministry on two continents. The problem has many heads. As long as any of them exist, the ministry of this nation, its churches and seminaries will continue to miss their calling in this age of advanced deceit.

6) Wayne’s training, education and experience:

· Graduated Grove City College with a B.A. in Business Administration, minor equivalent in higher mathematics (G. C.C. doesn’t offer minors, per se). Studied economics under the late Dr. Hans Sennholz, the best known student of Dr. Ludwig von Mises. He is perhaps the best known economist for the “sane” economics of the Austrian School, which has repeatedly exposed the socialistic Keynesian, Chicago school, and “social salvation” economic schools popular in today’s society. Years later (commenting upon Wayne’s professional effectiveness), Hans called Wayne “…one of the best student he ever had…”. Wayne spoke in the same financial investments seminar with Hans on several occasions, notably that in North Carolina, 1993, hosted by The Selck Group.

· Graduated Cum Laude from the biblically conservative Reformed Episcopal Seminary, Philadelphia, PA. (1978). Studied for B.D., then M.Div., for Christian Pastoral Ministry/Christian Education. While there, worked in inner city ministries for poor families (charity and benevolence) and Vietnam refugees (training them to adapt to American society, speaking English, and Christian training.). Wayne also trained at R.E.S. for Church planting/Church building and Home Missions work (Internship) – all of which became focal points of his ministry throughout the years to follow.

· Wayne also worked at a school for the Blind in Philadelphia during his seminary years. Charity work and evangelism accompanied that work, as well as charity work in the inner city. Wayne helped male blind students (mostly African-American and Hispanic children from inner city backgrounds) adapt themselves to living skills over a 5 year period.

· While working in inner city voluntary charity work, Wayne came in contact with, and familiarized himself with the theory, preaching, and tactics of the anti-Christian Marxist-oriented “Liberation Theology” current in Black churches. Wayne observed “first hand” the deadly impact upon the Black community in the subtle use of theological, allegedly ”humanitarian” and certainly “Guilt Manipulation” tactics implementing the Marxist economic and political objectives advocated by Soviet/Czech strategist Jan Kozak, as espoused in his program of Revolutionary Parliamentarianism.

· Special missionary to South Africa: Wayne was called to train pastors, elders, army personnel, and laity concerning the following: 1) Christian heritage and the doctrines which made Christianity among whites and blacks so powerful for centuries – and the loss of that heritage. 2) The nature of leftist thinking/propaganda being imported into South Africa: its aim, its “theological” leading (Liberation Theology), its destabilizing anti-Christian ethics, doctrines and goals. 3) South African seminaries, like their counterparts in America, are no match for such advanced revolutionary/socialistic thinking and tend to produce pastors who, due to misguided “humanitarian” goals or ambitious preference, get “co-opted” into socialistic movements and ideals.

· Wayne pursued additional studies toward ThD. studies beyond R.E.S.

· Wayne worked in Christian education for almost 25 years. He has conducted regular seminar (twice weekly) classes for Home School students in the Milwaukee Metroplex in specialized disciplines such as Logic, Economics, Debate, History (U.S., Ancient, Modern), U.S. Constitution and Government.

· He founded and developed Covenant Reformed Church. His emphasis in the Church was to teach people to become involved socially, educationally, entrepreneurially, and politically.

· He also formed the Parent Information Network (P.I.N.) which was responsible for initiating the movements resulting in the exposure to the general (and Christian) populations the following issues:

► HR – 6, our network went on the air to expose this threat to homeschoolers. HR-6 was defeated as Christians from across the country united in an effort to defeat this insidious bill designed to destroy home school freedoms.

► U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child (The Clinton “backed” Treaty which would have directly bypassed the Constitution to Federalize the children of every family. This Treaty was stopped despite backing by hundreds of prestigious organizations as Christians rallied behind a few vocal opponents of the Treaty…a Treaty which would have crossed the line into home and hearth” so as to give the Federal government control and oversight of our children in all matters including their “choice” of education, religious preference, and vocational work.

► The Goals 2000 movement was exposed to the general public for the failure it was later proven to be through Positions Papers written by several outspoken critics such as Wayne. (Get the Position Papers here.)

►  PIN took its stand against abortion, euthanasia and other social, anti-Christian positions, including corruption in the courts. (Position Papers - Click here).

► The U.N. Biodiversity Treaty, stopped and left unapproved at that time, was an environmental travesty recognized for what is was by PIN…a costly, maniacal Federal power grab, using the environment as an excuse to Federalize the economy through radical legislative and social activist schemes. (See Position Papers on government and centralism here).

► 2 other U.N. Treaties were also stopped through the initiative of P.I.N. (all volunteers and experts- trained theologically/ethically from the pulpit).

► Wayne wrote position papers on a variety of subjects to expose necessary social ills including: Tearing the Sheepskins off Wolves, Cities of Gold, Because Every Child is our Child, How High is ‘Up’?, The Agent Provocateur (the “Mole” in Bible and society), Doublespeak, The Old Model T, Interposition of the Lesser Magistrate, Interposition (Part 2), Imprecation, Things that Go Bump in the Night

► Wayne believes in the power of the diaconal office of Scripture. He instituted diaconal training in churches so as to engage the productive resources of a small congregation for charity and benevolence.

· Wayne is very much involved in preaching and writing about the Law of God, the “Missing” from our pulpits and seminaries.

· Wayne is trained in Internet Marketing and helps ministries gain interested people to their online presence (blog, web site, Facebook pages, etc). He is a Trained Internet Marketing Specialist, trained to bring people to small and intermediate sized ministries and businesses.

· His counsel to the newspaper industry was solicited by their experts in May 2007 as to “how Internet marketers were successfully gaining market share for their clients through online marketing strategies, and how the Newspaper industry might reclaim market share lost to the Internet.” (Though no formal offer was made, Wayne pre-empted any discussion about moving to Virginia to take on or create an Internet marketing position for the newspaper industry).

· ICHR (Institute for Christian Heritage Research), a volunteer group of Christian researchers, have been preparing for both… 1) a distinctive church with its standards, ministries, tested/examined and experienced officers (minister, elders, deacons) as well as … 2) research necessary for the standards and kinds of individuals needed for the implementation of the following:

► Biblical Ultimacy - the Word of God as the Supreme Law revealed by a Trinitarian God, foundational for ALL DISCIPLINES OF LIFE;

“… Thou hast magnified thy Word above Thy Name…” (Psalm 138).

► Standards for examination of officers of church and its ministries. 

► Creation of church membership, established by a legally binding Covenant, protective of both members and church. 

► Creation and election of eldership to rule the church and exercise authority over Covenant and ministry. 

► Diaconal (charity and benevolence) authority , under the authority of the Session, established. 

►  Secure an online and offline presence of ministries to the community. 

► Endorsement and training of Church people to become effective online “marketers” for the purpose of preparing for seminary presence: building businesses, pursuing church outreach, training Christian in “Bible study” and devotional contexts, reaching out with publications, and aiding evangelism, legal research and help toward the freedom and operation of Christian Church ministry and seminary.

III. The Need: The Church is Designed by Christ to Produce Leadership and Faithful, Discerning Character

· Churches are not designed for “succor” only. The same pastors and elders who are called to lead their people “beside still waters” are also called “…to tear the sheepskins off wolves.” The latter is a command of Christ and the New Testament as much as the former.

· The pulpits generally are not COMPELLING men to stand. They preach messages that are invariably characterized as…

► Short messages, often 10 – 20 minutes in duration.
► Usually repetitive of themes familiar to everyone
► Themes poorly illustrated, making people suspicious that the preacher is not familiar with real life/ historical issues.
► Since the enemy of the “best” is not the ”worst”; the enemy of the “best” is merely the “good” - Pastors are all too often “addicted to mediocrity” … or so their messages and leadership skills appear. Early in America’s history, it was the case that pastors would be consulted by judges in important cases, businessmen in important decisions, ethical issues in families. Today, the general impression of many is that the ministry is no better than, say, what a senior boy scout can produce, whose highest and best use is helping ladies across the street. God says He will bring His ministers into disrepute when they forget His Laws, forgetting His grace.
► Messages too often embrace, in the name of a misguided humanitarianism, antichristian projects, policies and politicians.
► Ministers tend to “ape” what they hear on the news, instead of pulpits being an antidote to the manipulated “news”/media.


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