February 22nd, 2018

Heroism Won the Day…But Networking Got the Heroes There in the First Place

On the eve of America’s War for Independence, a few men aroused the colonial countryside, alarming them to the threat of “tyranny’s next move”. The most famous of those many alerts was the ride of Paul Revere, who rode on the night of April 18, 1775 to forewarn towns, villages and farms of the movement of British troops. Those troops were moving to disarm the colony of Massachusetts by seizing the stored arms and munitions at Concord.

By arousing the countryside ahead of time, the British were confronted with hundreds of men at Lexington. It was that communication system of riders (Revere, Dawes, Prescott and others) which secured the liberties for a new nation.

The heroism of the men at Lexington is renowned. But, without the communication system in place ahead of time, the men would not have come to Lexington. They, and everyone else, would have awakened to face the new day (April 19, 1775)

 - disarmed
- panicked, and…
- facing an entrenched tyranny confident in the knowledge that colonial resistance was now certainly futile.


Today, government has run away with our liberties and our economy. There needs to be an effective way to reach people to alert them to the dangers of our “Runaway governments” and its allies among the power blocs that are attempting to dominate our land.

Paul Revere’s Little Known “Talent”

Two different kinds of men rode that night in the areas surrounding Boston, Massachusetts – Thomas Dawes and Paul Revere. Thomas Dawes spread his message throughout the towns to the south of Lexington, awakening everyone he could find. He made quite a noise. Less than a dozen people responding to his message arrived at Lexington green the next morning to resist those Redcoats. Revere rode to the north and west. People from all over his region responded and were present on the green next morning.

What was the difference in approach?

Paul Revere had been riding all throughout New England, New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania for several years before his famous ride. He learned the importance of contacting people who, in turn, had networks of people of their own to contact.

Thomas Dawes, God bless him, was heroic, but didn’t understand how easy it is to be effective if prepared ahead of time to contact others. So he just rode that fateful night and cried out to “whoever” came in view by house, town square, or farm. Of course, Revere had to provide the right information for his “networked people”. They had to be given the information, news, reports, and the capacity to reach others with interesting, vital – and often “ urgent” – news.

So do we…today. That is the reason VisionViewpoint offers different services (at no charge to you), so you can take advantage of what you need, when you need it. If you have even one other adult you can tell when our Alerts reach you…or a whole network of people… you can be - No, should be - a “Town Crier.”

Even Better… Learning How to Build a Network…YOURS

True story. A woman faced the police officer who came to her door because of a false report put in to the police department concerning her. Next day, the officer came to her door and when invited inside, faced a table set with individuals (all men) who were called to simply come and take notes of all he and she said.

Why was this important? Because the officer was bullying the family and acting outside the law. Men sitting there (treating him kindly – always - mind you) and taking detailed contemporaneous notes of the conversation was the last thing he wanted. He knew those men could (and would) provide the testimony in court needed to stop such authoritarian bullying if this bogus threat went any further.

Nothing happened. His visit was over in less than 15 minutes. He was nervous about everything he said (because he was operating outside law). Furthermore, such intimidation tactics are designed to bring a case that brings in revenue for the local government and court. If you don’t believe me, you can get a Cusip number - Community Uniform Securitization Identification Process - and do a forensic on the case…and find out when exactly the case had been sold (before trial!) to a Wall Street billion dollar fund.

This is the reason “governments” are looking everywhere for opportunities to “charge” individuals/families. Why again? They are raising revenue, pure and simple… and lots of it.

So, it is in your best interest to be a part of a network of concerned individuals that you can learn to build locally, connecting (with us) nationally, to protect individuals, ministries, home schools, Christian schools, charities, churches, pastors, businesses, publications… anyone whom the authorities might harass…which is potentially “Anyone” in the near future, one or more at a time.

Incidentally, that woman had her own network in place (connected nationally too, of course), already called and trained ahead of time… by us.

It’s nice when you have the law on your side…and Town Criers just a phone call, email, fax, or neighbor away.


(Watch for Part II to this Position Paper. It tells you what’s been done in the past, effectively. You might be a little amazed.)


Oh, and yes, we teach people to act upon what they’ve learned. Find a few other people you trust to each become a Town Crier (Area Contact Person) themselves.


1. Contact them with a little note, or - better still – personal discussion of your own.

2. Give them this Position Paper (Yes, you can make copies of this in an unaltered and as the complete “whole” Paper).

3. Send them to VisionViewpoint.com to sign up by putting in their valid email address and first name (note the privacy respecting, non-threatening nature of putting in only their first name)…stressing the “No Obligation to them”. Do tell them that as well.

We will do the rest … for God, Country and Freedom.

-submitted, Wayne Sedlak, VisionViewpoint.com

P.s. Ah, there is always a “one more thing” in life. Here it is. Mention to those you have sign up, to please look for, and respond to, the email we send them after they sign up. It’s simple…only a quick click of the link in the email and the necessary legalities are accomplished for contacting them.

P. p. s. Ah, there is always another “one more thing” in life. This one is even simpler. When you do open the discussion with a person (number 1 directly above) “hasten to add” two things:

1) There are many benefits to becoming a Town Crier…and…
2) they will never be obligated to do anything if they do not wish to do so.
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