January 19th, 2018

What's Happening to our Children?

 According to the Study of the prestigious America's Research Group...
The Next Generation of Christians are
Already Gone!

Our Children are Being "Custom Atheized" by a Culture that is Powerfully Equipped to Capture Their Hearts.
This "Custom Atheizing" is Being Met by Church Leadership
Armed with "Blunted" Sword in Hand Groping to Be "Relevant"!  Let's unravel the Mystery of WHY this is happening, and then help you do something about it.

Problem #1: According to research, Christian youth look for one thing ABOVE all else... They want answers... and they want to know HOW to answer effectively. That is the reason The Book of Proverbs BEGINS with the Different Skills of the Thinking as revealed by God in the very first chapter of Proverbs.
The Book of Proverbs warns us of the single most destructive kind of erosion in the hearts of our youth.

The Hebrew word is "lutz".
It means..."Scorner".

It is a quiet erosion that most often occurs over many years. The problem is simple... Christian children become scornful as Proverbs warns us:
  • The scorner is one who acts and feels like (s)he has been betrayed by life. Nothing about the Truth (of God in Christ) can be defended, he believes.
  • Evil ALWAYS seems to be dominant...everywhere. "Good" never seems to amount to anything. They hear of victory in the lives of missionaries of the past, but not a lesson for today. No one in the churches really expects "right" to prevail... except in heaven. Why is that, they wonder?
  • Worse, our young people are assaulted with vice, pleasure, attacks upon truths, and challenges from a culture that taunts them to "give an answer"... and our young people feel unable to do defend the faith of their parents or churches.
  • Time and time again, our young people have serious doubts and no one seems to help them through it. Their churches give short, too often redundant messages that do not put a profound God into their hearts.
  • Research shows us that Christian young people see overwhelming emotions...hear redundant messages from church leadership... and sit through the next message about "eternity" and begin wondering if the churches cannot give serious answers because they do not have reasonabe answers to the questions about this life... Can't the churches handle the "modern" world, they wonder?
  • As the years go by... Christian children begin to suspect "that's all there is" to this thing called the Christian faith... emotional "hype"... all "show" but no real "substanc

"Our Children are Being 'Custom Atheized' Out from Under the Faith of Their Parents While Still Living at Home..."  

...and it's our fault. Christian leadership acts as if they have never heard the passage..."Upon this Rock I will build my Church and the Gates of Hell will NOT prevail against it." OUR CHILDREN SEE THE POWER AND INFLUENCE OF EVIL ... EVERYWHERE... and are enticed by its prestige and success...and the lack of real Christian  empowerment in the churches and many families!


As the years go by... Christian children begin to suspect "that's all there is" to this thing called the Christian faith...
emotional "hype"... all "show" but no real "substance"!


Before you read further...
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We need to reclaim the ground lost by the Church of Christ over the past half century. Below are a few issues we believe you need to weigh carefully: 

The study cited above tells us that, despite the fact that Christian parents love their children, parents too often ASSUME their children know HOW to answer for their faith and life... The reality is...they don't.  

We need to understand these two issues:

1) Our children are NOT taught HOW to answer effectively.

2) The adversaries of truth and morality DO know HOW to effectively undermine faith. Our young people must learn HOW to overcome this powerful advantage.

Here's the solution! Your young person can learn the strategies and methods useful for protecting the faith learned from their parents, useful...

- for learning HOW to be persuasive...
- for learning HOW to identify and defeat counterfeit arguments...arguments built on trickery, fallacy, and deceit.

We're here to help. If you believe your child does not know HOW to defend his/her faith or understands the danger posed by the world around him or her, join our Academy and/or our Men's Headship Fellowship.