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January 19th, 2018

John Selck is the founder of the Biblical Worldview Broadcast Team, with nearly a half century of leadership in the fight for freedom and the heart of an intellectual gladiator! Selck means business every step of the way. Once a major fundraiser for the patriotic cause, he then spent twenty years as a financial advisor to “uppertrodden” clients all across the country.

Nowadays, he calls himself “the Casey Stengel of the biblical worldview movement” in southern California where he and his wife now reside. By that, he means that he is
a shameless talent scout, one who recognizes and recruits brilliant younger Christian intellectuals for the battle.

Mr. Selck began a biblical worldview roundtable in 2005, and it has become a veritable “breeder reactor” for advanced biblical worldview teachers, several of whom are among this team of radio interviewees!

Experienced in church planting and organizing influential Christian ministries, Selck is currently consulting with a Christian public service law firm, one specializing in defending Christians persecuted by individuals or by agencies of government. Being a savvy “economist,” his counsel is widely sought.

In fact, some consider his long essay, “Christian Socialism: The Oxymoron Which Became a Movement” to be the most powerful refutation of “Christian socialist” propaganda in circulation today! Listen to the interviews with Reverend Wayne Sedlak and John Selck below to learn about John's Magnificent work on "Exploding the Economic Myths Now Destroying Us"

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John Baumgardner is considered by many to be one of America’s leading creation scientists. With degrees from Texas Tech and Princeton and a doctorate from UCLA, Dr. Baumgardner is earnest in his desire to defend the biblical account of creation and also to undertake original research toward this end. His professional experience includes twenty years as a staff scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory and then as an Associate Professor of Geophysics at the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego. He has over 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers as well as a splendid ability to present his findings in a clear and compelling manner. Dr Baumgardner was associated with Logos Research Associates in Orange County, California, and Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany, he continues creation-related research in several areas including population genetics and the tectonic aspects of the Genesis Flood. Because Dr. Baumgardner explains technical matters so clearly, laymen consistently take away significant new faith-building insights from his presentations.
Reverend Wayne Sedlak had the privilege of sharing Dr John's insights on four occasions. Please enjoy them as well, and pass along the depth of knowledge found in these links.

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Dr John 1
Dr John 2
Dr John 3
Dr John 4
Dr John 5

A constitutional law attorney, Dean Broyles is the founder, President, and Chief Counsel of The Western Center for Law & Policy (WCLP). WCLP is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) legal defense organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of religious freedom, parental rights, and other civil liberties. The WCLP provides free legal representation to its clients, engages in constitutional litigation in state and federal courts, and is also active in the areas of public policy and education.

Dean has the unique ability to make complex constitutional and legal issues understandable to the lay person. As a result of the public’s growing interest in the U.S. Constitution, demand for Dean as a public speaker and writer has increased significantly in recent years. Thus she has engaged in many public debates and panel discussions regarding constitutional issues.

His opinion editorials have appeared in The Daily Journal, California’s largest legal newspaper, and prominent Christian publications. His booklet “Pastors, Pulpits & Politics: The Case for Clear Biblical Moral Teaching” has been promoted and distributed to thousands of pastors nationwide by groups such as Family Research Counsel, Concerned Women for America, and Restore America. The WCLP website is found at HERE

A graduate of Pennsylvania’s famous little jewel, Grove City College, where he was both an All-American athlete and a prized student of one of the world’s greatest propounders of the free market/private property order, Professor Hans Sennholz, Rev. Wayne Sedlak is a “one-of-a-kind” Christian intellectual, teacher, and broadcast guest. The pastor of Reformation Hope Church in Hartford, Wisconsin, he also heads an internet marketing company.

Possessed with an awesome grasp of history and an extremely mature theology, both of which provide amazing re-discoveries of past historical jewels and biblical truths, he has become an almost unique radio personality wherever interviewed. When he headed up the broadcast team of the Parents Information Network (P.I.N.) in the 1990’s, audiences all across the land were fascinated by the exciting historical jewels which he unearthed and presented.

For example, how many Christians had ever heard of “The Black Regiment,” those powerful colonial preachers, who provided the courage for their flocks to stand up to the Brits in our history-altering War for Independence?

How many had ever heard that “doctrine of interposition” by which lesser magistrates/government leaders may properly stand between their people and a government “bully”?

With “nullification,” a form of interposition, now becoming one of the hottest topics in the fight for freedom and a heaven-sent opportunity to break the sword of the federal bully, we see the current unfurling of Reverend Sedlak’s past topic as presented by him over fifteen years ago!

Whether discussing his advanced biblical economic propositions in articles such as “Blood and Money” or describing advanced concepts of Christian civil resistance in others such as “Interposition: The Revolt of the Civil Magistrate” or “The Black Regiment,” Rev. Sedlak’s postulations are often stunning to previously uninitiated audiences, who simply cannot “get enough” of his commentary. 

Please see SOLOMONSTOOLBOX for more information on Reverend Wayne Sedlak

Stig Medby spent well over 30 years in demanding high-management positions in a Fortune 100 company—concluding with running a $70 million business unit—before recently retiring. As such, he well understands what it takes to begin and build multiple businesses. His grasp of historical and world events caused another retired businessman to describe Stig, laughingly, as “a library on legs!” Moreover, his understanding of biblical imperatives and the nature of our “spiritual adversary,” secular humanism, is so deep as to give Medby unique insights into the culture war, which now engulfs us on all sides.

Despite the serious topics upon which he comments, Medby’s mirthful sense of humor is one of his dominant “presenting characteristics.” He also serves as co‑chairman of the Biblical Worldview Broadcast Team, which offers “The Third Rail.”
Hear Stig's Interviews at the following links

Stig Medby 1
Stig Medby 2
Stig Medby 3
Stig Medby 4

Dr. Gary Cass began in ministry preaching the Gospel behind the Iron Curtain and working with the persecuted church in the Soviet Union.

For twenty years Gary served as a pastor in the San Diego area and is a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America with graduate and post graduate degrees from Westminster Theological Seminary in California.

While serving as a pastor, Gary was recognized for his leadership in the pro-life movement and for helping other Christians get elected for political office.

Hear Dr Gary Cass interviewed by Reverend Wayne Sedlak as they discuss Islam and its advances in America.

Dr Gary Cass
Dr Gary Cass Week One
Dr Gary Cass Week Two
Dr Gary Cass Week Three
Dr Gary Cass Week Four

Now in demand as a teacher and speaker all across  America and the world, Chief Bob Vernon spent 38 years with the LAPD, ending his career as Assistant Chief and Director of Operations with command of ten thousand officers and support staff. A lifelong student, Bob earned an M.B.A. at California’s Pepperdine University and did extensive doctoral work at Claremont Graduate  School where one of his advisors was the world-famous management  consultant, Peter Drucker.

Bob, a committed, lifelong follower of Jesus, always felt that his God could turn lemons into lemonade. Thus when the Rodney King uproar became the catalyst for the L.A. riots, ending Bob’s chances of a widely expected promotion to chief, he had a choice: Either become selfishly crippled by “what might have been,” or set out to pursue other great and lofty goals.

The result? In 1996, he founded Pointman Leadership Institute (PLI), an international training and leadership
organization, which has taught character principles and ethical leadership to top military, police, and government officials in some 55 countries across the globe, many of them in the former Eastern Bloc—where the demand for PLI grows and grows—and across the troubled continent of Africa as well.

So highly rated are the seminars and extensive leadership courses, that word goes from one government to another, thus leading to a constantly growing list of requests from everywhere in the world. Respect for Bob’s personal achievements and character has made it possible to attract
a first class teaching team of retired military generals, police chiefs, and businessmen, from here in the U.S. and abroad, who volunteer their services to travel the world as PLI instructors.

Interview with Bob Vernon
2nd Interview with Bob Vernon



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