January 19th, 2018

Secrets, Mysteries, Little Known Truths of the Past: History, Politics, Economics, & Social Issues

Secrets, unsolved mysteries, mystifying political and social events from the past are governing our lives ...TODAY!

Western  Civilization is "at risk" as it has never been threatened since the barbarian invasions of the 5th century.

Amazingly, few will face the problem directly. The "West" is asleep... imperiled beyond imagination. God calls the Church of Christ to understand and teach the nations. But, thus far, the churches won't use "the Whole Counsel of God" to teach the nations.

What does it take to understand THESE "Civilization-changing" processes?
What does it take to understand that the following "news items" signal - not mere "change" - but, potentially, the implosion of an entire Civilization? Why are the following NOT sufficiently acute enough to raise the Alarm for us all?

  • Economic failures of whole nations in Europe... and all at once.
  • Islamic expansion into Europe. Historicly Christian nations being overwhelmed by Islamic population growth and jihad.
  • The American dollar is dying... being devalued at alarming rates.
  • The American economy is deteriorating with increasing joblessness, inflation...
  • Sexual destruction, breakdown of the home, abuse, increasing slave trade of women, children, IN THE WEST
Americans sense the danger to their country. They sense the massive destabilizing of their once prosperous society... They sense an end to their way of life. They see betrayal ... but where?
  • Is it the White House? Scandals, broken promises, ruined families (millions are already ruined by the healthcare failure... Others will be punished for inability to access the system! 
  • Is it Congress?
  • Is it the banks (central banks create financial policy and are the economic centers of the West)?
  • Is it the failure of the churches to be the guardians of the West?
There are a myriad of other problems ... each almost insurmountable ... each devastating to massive numbers of families.

How Did Our Society Get Here?
Much has been withheld from the people of this country and the people of Europe. The information commonly believed by Americans does NOT explain the above. Below are categories ... See if you know THESE TRUTHS. If they are true... then the problems we face can lead us from the chaos of "vain philosophies" afflicting all categories of knowledge and discovery.

"They" called it long ago!  Judge for yourself...          

You be the Judge. Here are the almost prophetic words of many "Christian" and "conservative" scholars who, over the past three generations, saw the "certain-though-not-yet-apparent" failures of the of social, political change - agents in whose ideological shadow we now suffer 

"Post-Christian Era or Pre-Christian "Global Reformation"?

So many believe we are in the "post-Christian era". Do you know how many times an unbelieving world has "announced" such an end of faith... only to witness the rise of another Reformation in society? Here is your opportunity to see for yourselfMore...

Lies... Lies ... and More Lies: Lying to Monopolize "Truth"

Lying takes a monopoly of its interpretive environment to be successful. So what happens if the "real Truth" appears? Exposure... enlightenment... justice... rectitude... and much more are unleashed! The world is  never the same once the Truth is exposed. More...

Historical ... Now You Read It... Now You Don't.

What if history has been "socially engineered", as opposed to being "interpreted". What is the difference. Let's uncover the evidence from the past together. You will be shocked at the results. More...

"Truth"... as They Played with It

Interpretation is an art...and a science. There are principles governing it applcation to all fields.  Here's what has happened and why things affecting us all went wrong. More...

Medical, Technological, Scientific Discoveries

"In the latter days, knowledge shall be vastly increased and the pace of life shall quicken." Perhaps, this prophetic pronouncement is upon us. Now what? 

Framing Mischief with a Law

What happens when those in authority "Frame mischief with a law" ... and evil mounts the throne, and uprightness the scaffold? 

The Greatest Mystery of All: Mankind Cannot Find the Answer

The Greeks refused to believe in God because they couldn't believe that this obviously designed universe could not exist without purpose and meaning. Modern philosophers and scientists join them in a chorus of "triumphant" disclaimers about the existence and purpose of God. But what if God "subjected" the world to "vanity" in appearance (Romans 8: 20). Would He do that? If so... Why?