January 19th, 2018

Effective... Easy to Use...But You've Never Heard of It Because No One Has EVER Made This Study Before!


You Would Think Someone Would've Studied This Before...

Every Other Aspect about "His Work" Has Been Studied... in Great Depth... But NOT THIS.

We all know the frustration of knowing what is True… but time and again, can’t find the words to EXPRESS yourself effectively?
Now you can express yourself ...effectively. In this edition of the Tool Kit you will have all the tools, persuasive strategies, and techniques needed for effective communication.

Second Edition! Brand NEW Version for 2017 JUST RELEASED!

Dozens of “How to” methods for presenting your point effectively…
Dozens of “How to” approach for defining your ideas or points clearly…
Every “How to” method for stopping the dirty verbal trickery used by others…

…are all presented in easy, readable style:

With OVER 350 pages of training, broken down into small, easy-to-follow units  incorporating over 100 comprehensive learning issues, this book presents the following:*

•    … the principles and methods used by Jesus Christ in the Gospel histories to deflect conflict and bias so as to argue effectively.
•    This is designed so that any Christian mom or dad can teach their children how to be effective in persuading others concerning the TRUTH.
•    …this is NOT a “religion” or “history” course, per se.
•    …this is NOT another course simply about the ideals of  “Christian living”…
this course does take you step-by-step through lessons that show you how to recognize and preempt (“get out ahead of”) situations so as to AVOID, PREVENT or DEFEAT verbal holocaust and humiliation, on a private or public level!

•    Do you face being ‘tongue-tied’ when you need to deal with sarcasm at work, bigotry on the job, skepticism from the in-laws, questions of children (especially teens), misunderstandings even in my own household…”
•    …this is a “How to…” recognize and handle verbal antagonism as Christ handled it. These are the principles actually used by Christ.
•    Even if you absolutely HATE to speak publicly…This will teach you how recognize problems “coming at you” and “How to” preempt, co-opt, deflect, or just avoid conflict, bias, harassment, bigotry, humiliation and cynicism.
•    This is verbal jujitsu on a level never before presented anywhere. These are the verbal TACTICS and STRATEGIES Christ actually used to deflect and defeat His detractors?
•    Learn how to identify dozens of verbal “tricks” so you can recognize the clues that betray their presence and use.
•    Learn the art of “getting under the argument” of others! (You will be amazed at HOW Christ did this consistently). 

... And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Here’s my problem in talking with YOU.

Despite every effort to say otherwise, people read what I just said, and continue to believe that this is a devotional, or about prayer life, or the life of Christ or… or… or…

How do I convince YOU that you are being offered a book that SPECIFICALLY studies HOW CHRIST ANSWERED in all kinds of situations?

How do I convince you that I am NOT talking about…
•    a devotional…
•    a commentary…
•    another Life of Christ book
•    another book on Christian morality or prayer life…

This is, I REPEAT, a book that explains the TECHNIQUES Christ used to answer His opponents, His disciples, people around Him…

In short, this book trains YOU in the use of EFFECTIVE, VERBAL ‘Swordplay’ for the techniques used by the Lord Himself…

It is NOT just what He said. Just as important is HOW He said things!

From: Wayne C. Sedlak
President, A&D Net Enterprises

Dear Fellow Christian,

I'm extremely excited to announce the release of our Second Edition… Brand New… “How to...” version of a book  that had its beginnings 35 years ago.
Let me explain. 
For 35 years I’ve watched…sometimes in horror…as Christian people were called upon to give answers for the faith they so deeply believed. They did so heroically in the face of real opposition yet, very often, were frustrated with the results…

•    I’ve seen Christians endeavoring to grasp the right words in a key opportunity to present the faith to the Cabinet of a newly emerged African nation…without any tangible impact.

•    I’ve seen Christians fail to explain effectively the persecution of fellow Christians at a “one-time” opportunity with a Cabinet Minister in a very prestigious and powerful nation…only to see him laugh and turn away at their failure to articulate precise details …leaving a desperate Christian woman imprisoned with no relief in sight…

•    I’ve seen Christians frantically attempting to explain the simplicity of their Christian school to government and court officials in a case eventually appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court…

•    I’ve seen Christians suddenly “put on the spot” on Capitol Hill, confronted by a United States Senator who really asked to hear what they had to say about an important bill…. that involved Christian views…only to find themselves confused, completely at a loss for words.

•    I’m sure you’ve seen the media make Christian people and Christian world view issues look foolish time and again in public broadcasts. Those who speak about a Christian world view are shredded mercilessly in public broadcasts.

But, you’re probably thinking…

“These aren’t issues I normally face! I face being ‘tongue-tied’ when I need to deal with
•    sarcasm at work,
•    bigotry on the job,
•    skepticism from my in-laws,
•    misunderstandings even in my own household…”
•    Perhaps the worst tragedies are the personal ones.  Broken homes.  Shattered marriages. Children leaving the churches and faith of their parents.  Then there is the challenge of making our faith “relevant” to the young. We can all identify with the heartache of losing a loved one to unbelief… resulting in a demoralizing lifestyle, in part because we had difficulty making the tenants of our faith clear and compelling. 
•    We live in a culture where Christian men want to stand for what is upright…and we NEED that in our society desperately but too often they feel inadequate when called upon.

A moment ago we mentioned the word “compelling”…COMPELLING…That’s the idea we DESIRE but so often fall short of achieving!  We often find the things we say get “twisted and turned around” tying our tongues even “tighter.”  Why is that?  Why is it I am eager to share my faith, but people just don’t seem to get excited or “persuaded” by it?  So, we then blame ourselves and wait nervously for the “next time.”

On that note, learn how to get for you and yours FREE ($150- value) access to a NEW Christian service site that shows parents and spouses - for their children, marriages and family life - more about handling life  from a Scriptural point of view than they can possibly get in any one single place online:

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I am the son of the author. Having been raised with the principles and training in this course, I really didn't appreciate it until I had to use these principles myself as an adult in personal and professional life.  (What's the old saying, “It’s a shame that youth is wasted on the young"?)  However, though I grew up watching these principles put to use, there was one instance I distinctly recall that left a deep impression on me.

This occurred when members of a religious cult came to our door. They were invited into our home. There, I saw my father gently but skillfully “peel back” layer upon layer of their “world view” drawing out of them the internal inconsistencies and contradictions of their position and beliefs. The blessing was that their own confidence and assurance was shaken, which my father always taught us was a necessary “first” step in calling people to consider Christ as the answer to their problems.

Sure enough afterwards, one of their members began to see the confusion embedded in their position. He then began to inquire about the truths of the Christian faith. The lesson learned was one I shall never forget...but, more importantly, is one I hope to copy.

-Nathan Sedlak
 Son of the author

There’s certainly at least one major reason we as Christians all struggle when we must speak “off the cuff”…  “on the spot” … and that reason is… “The Missing.”

So…What’s “The Missing”?

It has been said that the wise man “sees the Missing” in life.  Such an individual sees what others miss in any endeavor:

•    Louis Pasteur saw “the missing” in disease diagnosis. He identified the existence of micro-organisms, such as bacteria and molds, as the cause of disease. Again, he stood apart because he “saw’ the missing.

•    With a simple apple falling to the ground from a tree, Sir Isaac Newton saw “the missing.” He went to on to identify the Law of Gravitational Attraction. Eventually, he “discovered” the mathematical power of the Calculus and invented the conventions necessary to use it properly. Again, he “saw” the missing…and changed the world of science forever!

•    Ambrose, the great minister of the 4th century church, also saw “the missing.” He grieved that Roman Law was so unjust. When the Roman Emperor Theodosius the Great, a Christian, wanted to rewrite Roman law to make it more just and fair, Ambrose saw that what was needed was “due process” provisions which would protect the accused from the arbitrary exercise of power. Because he “saw” the missing, Ambrose helped lay the cornerstone later for “rights and due process” procedures in European Western Civilization, Britain, and America.

•    Alex D’Tocqueville came from France on official business, visiting the United States in the 1830’s. He began to wonder at the immense power of the young Republic. He wondered how it was that such a young nation had risen to power so quickly, and had accomplished what his own country, France, had failed repeatedly to accomplish...the defeat of the British Empire twice in 40 years! He began to search for “the missing.” He looked for America’s strength as a nation in her resources, though they, he decided, were still untapped…in her matchless Constitution, though he realized that great document had not existed during the first contest with Britain. He sought for the greatness of America in her traditions and institutions. But, not until he visited the Churches of America and found “pulpits aflame with righteousness”.  He concluded: “America is great because America is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”  D’Tocqueville “saw” the missing and provided the key to understanding the real strength of America.

But, there is another side to “the Missing” as well…the craft and cunning side of human nature. This is the side of mankind we all must seek proper means to avoid or deal with. The Bible warns us there are two kinds of wisdom in the world…and they are opposed to one another. One is the blessed kind that seeks the well-being of those around us. Then there is the other…generally described with such words as
•    cunning,
•    scheming,
•    crafty,
•    sly,
•    devious
•    sneaky 
•    diabolical. 

According to Scripture, these two “wisdoms” confront each other throughout the world and in society.  Which one prevails in a home, marriage, business, society, and even an individual’s conscience…that “victory” will determine the course and future of that person, home, marriage, business, or society. 

Look at the following:

Adolph Hitler deceived a whole generation of German churches by pronouncing he and his Nazi thugs were “Christians” but, “don’t judge us by any particular statement of faith.” He even carried Luther’s Bible around wherever he traveled (for media purposes).  In 1937, once firmly in power and no longer needing Christian help to stay there, the diabolical Hitler ordered his Minister of Education, Hans Kerl, to announce to an assembly of clergymen that “Jesus Christ is a laughable dogma of the past.”  The failure of a generation to see “the Missing” in Hitler (his propaganda and treachery) led to Germany enacting some of the most heinous crimes against the Jews and humanity. All because of the failure of the church to correctly settle the ongoing debate of 1931-1936 which asked: “Can we judge a person such as Hitler and declare he definitely is not a Christian?” The answer should have been…YES!!!!  Millions died because “the diabolical” prevailed in those church debates in Germany.

In the mid-1800’s, the evolutionary debate raged in the churches of England. The “champion” of the Anglican churches was Bishop Samuel Wilberforce, son of the heroic William Wilberforce (who had successfully debated and campaigned against slavery in the British Empire years earlier). He was nicknamed “Soapy Sam” by many because his arguments against evolution were invariably sentimental appeals and outbursts of emotion. After a public debate with the famous atheist Thomas Huxley, “Soapy Sam’s” emotionalism was quoted far and wide throughout England and its churches, unfortunately convincing many that Christianity had nothing more than “sentiment” and “emotionalism” to counter “true science”, as Huxley called Darwinism. “Craftiness” again prevailed then…and now… because Christians generally hadn’t done their homework in dealing with evolutionary tenets and conclusions.  We still respond “emotionally” to this issue.

One of the greatest debates in all of history took place between the infamous and cunning Dr. Johannes Eck and the Protestant reformer Dr. Martin Luther. They debated the doctrines Luther had been teaching at Leipzig, Germany, in front of a prestigious audience. Luther didn’t foresee what was coming when Eck asked if he agreed with the teachings of Jon Huss.  The name of Huss was held in universal contempt by the people of Europe. Luther, not wishing to have his positions “tainted” by an association with the unpopular Huss, condemned Huss outright. Eck, cunningly, then quoted passages from Huss asking Luther if he agreed with those being quoted. Luther was stunned. If he said he didn’t agree with the passages (read from Huss) he would be disavowing his own doctrines because they were the same as his own. If he said he agreed with Huss, he would have to take back his disavowal made earlier and adopt in public the unpopular “heretic.” Luther lost the debate. Eck was cunning and knew how to humiliate his opponents. What could Luther have done here? (Hint: There are AT LEAST three separate stratagems Luther could have used.)

You’ve run into this, I’m sure…

In the “professional” world, there are “little secrets” used by “experts” to stay on top of their professions… secrets that no amateur ever learns on their own… and the professionals like it that way.

Not so in the Christian world!

At least, that is not the way the Christian world is designed by God!  When Joshua of old complained to Moses about men who were prophesying in the camp of Israel…Instead of being jealous for himself, Moses said, “Would that all of God’s people were prophets!”  Likewise, the disciples were envious of others who spoke the truth. Christ forbade them from hindering such testimony.

In the world around us, “little secrets” propel individuals to wealth, stardom, prestige and power.  That’s the reason they remain “secrets”. People covet the advantages that give them “the edge” over their competition. However, not so the Christian faith. Christ shows us in the Gospel histories NOT only His wise Counsels by which He has been changing lives for two millennia…But…and here’s what we can call “The Missing” in the lives of many Christian people…Christ taught us the METHODS, techniques and patterns of informal argumentation.

Our Lord not only taught us by His principles, BUT He also teaches us by the METHODS and PATTERNS embedded in the ways He answered.

Put simply, even if you have the truth or you know that you are in the right, there are ways to argue your position and there are ways that will get you “tongue-twisted”, confused and, frankly, humiliated…or worse.

Our Lord shows us HOW to deal with the best and the worst kinds of individuals. For too many of us, taking the truth to others means “waiting for special insight” to come to us in trying circumstances. Now, let’s clarify something. Yes, the Bible teaches that the Lord does bless His people with insight. He does come to His people to indwell by His Holy Spirit. Yet, ironically, while we are “waiting” upon His leading, we are not to be immobile as to His teaching.

Listen to these callings of the Lord:

•    “But go and learn what this means…” (Matt. 9:13)  We are all called to learn truths presented by Christ. The point is…we are to study these truths and know them so that we can be effective.
•    “Take my yoke upon you and learn of me…” (Matt. 11:29) Our study of the truths presented in the Gospel narratives is to be a labor of love and the development of skill.
•    “And the Jews marveled, saying, How does this man know ‘letters’ having never learned.” (John 7:15).  Even Christ’s enemies marveled at the fact that He was “Master”…a veritable scholar as He answered well. It is apparent that they were impressed by skills they recognized. These were the kinds of skills learned in institutions of higher learning. They saw mastery the way He conducted Himself in informal debate- that’s “spur of the moment” situational “arguments”,  private or public – to the rest of us). These are the kinds of arguments we all face…and we must learn to master.

These principles build confidence in dealing with people in all sorts of situations!
What’s more, that’s what they were intended to do!

Christ came to show us both what to say and how to say it for effect and impact. This course presents those “How to say it” patterns and principles by showing how Christ did it. It also shows how Christ’s friends and especially, His enemies confronted Him with their parries and skills of verbal entrapment.  The patterns and principles, in short, the techniques, stratagems and tactics of effective verbal “give and take” is often the “Missing” in the training and learning processes of Christian people.

Some people are all “a buzz” about “secret codes” found in the Scriptures.  Well, there’s nothing secretive about the way (actually “ways”) Our Lord answered people…both friend and foe.

It's obvious that the techniques taught by the author in this manual have been carefully "honed" over many years. It certainly has been a great help to me in learning how to answer effectively in my professional as well as my personal affairs. Anybody who has been in the professional business world knows that there are so many situations in which the difficulty of conflict can erupt at any time...with surprising rapidity and often, terrible consequences. It is a vital skill to be able to diffuse potential conflict in an honorable, yet discerning manner. I heartily recommend this course to anyone who needs to be persuasive, wants to be effective, and yet, must be protected from the kinds of situational conflicts that can take you by storm…and that would appear to include everyone.  Great job! I heartily recommend this work.
-Robert Gamble
 Mechanical Engineer

The Christ of the Gospels: Master of Critical Thought and Debate

For centuries people have admired the answers Christ gave to His enemies. Who hasn’t been awed by his answer when His enemies thought they had Him ensnared in a trap that would have cost Him imprisonment with the Romans?

“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.”

This was a simple answer but brilliantly effective. Did you ever wonder how Christ diagnosed the question so quickly and astutely? Remember what we cited earlier in the Gospels, “…How does this man know ‘letters’ having never learned.” There is a way to diagnose the “attack coming at you” and have an answer in the making as they ask. 

He transformed “common” individuals.   They cut through opponent’s arguments with astounding impact!

The ministry of Jesus Christ spanned the course of only three years, yet the intensity of the informal debates (remember, we ALL engage in "informal debates" daily!) and the quality of His answers astounded the world.  What’s more, He trained a generation of thinkers who would change the world. He did not choose to begin with famous philosophers, trained professors, skilled debaters or the like. He transformed “common” individuals, fisherman, tent makers, tax collectors, and servants into men who could cut through their opponent’s arguments with astounding impact.

This course not only studies how He answered His enemies, but in the process, how he trained his disciples to think, diagnose and answer their detractors ON THE SPOT despite a variety of differing and stressful circumstances. If He could train a group of ordinary individuals under such trying conditions, isn’t it possible for future generations to learn and apply the same methods as they learned? Of course, Christianity has spread its faith precisely because this has always been possible.

It has been amazing to see the results in the lives of the young people in our various ministries who have been trained to think and respond in so effective a manner! I have lived to see the days when, on the one hand, Christian young people were all too often ashamed of the Gospel and had little in the way of powerful answers provided to them...Now, I see many of them "taking the offensive" in their witness, without being "offensive" in their conduct. Wonderful! It's an encouragement to us all!

- Douglas Hirschmann
  Church Elder

As home school parents it has been a blessing to see the principles expressed in this text impressed so well upon the minds and hearts of our three children. Then, to see them using these principles to defend their faith has been overwhelming. Thank you for the training!

-Dan and Debbie Perrine
 Home school Parents, Wisconsin

…But, what about you?

Have you ever considered using Christ’s methods and techniques to present your opinions? It’s one thing to know what He believed. It’s another to present such truths skillfully. This manual and audio set is designed to teach many of those same methods by which Christ handled various informal arguments.

Consider the following…

The famous minister of the Scottish Reformation, John Knox, was called to stand before the infamous Queen Mary of Scots on a charge of treason.  He boldly stood and declared it to be the duty of magistrates to defend the true church instead of persecuting it. She answered, “My conscience doth not teach me so.” To which he sharply replied, “Conscience, madam, requires knowledge and a sound knowledge I fear you have none!” Her humiliation was so great and her pride so shaken, chroniclers tell us she fled the throne room weeping.
What rule of argumentation did Knox use to stun and embarrass the queen in his now famous answer?   (Hint: You will find the answer in the discussion of “derived standards”.)

The famous 18th century U.S. Senator, Henry Clay, once happened to be walking on a narrow sidewalk. Approaching him on the same sidewalk was his bitter adversary . As they drew near each other, Clay’s bitter antagonist bellowed, “ I never step aside for scoundrels!” Clay immediately stepped aside replying “I always do!” What rule for “getting under your opponent’s argument” was ‘in play’ here? (Hint: you’ll find it in the Book of Proverbs and in lessons about fallacy.)

On Jan. 14th, 1766, William Pitt, the famous Parliamentarian, considered the greatest statesman of 18th century England, stood before his own Parliament of England. The debate concerned America’s resistance to English encroachment of liberty. In that famous statement which rocked both Houses of Parliament and the Throne of England, he declared, “I rejoice that America has resisted. Three millions of people, so dead to all the feelings of liberty, as voluntarily to submit to be slaves, would have been fit instruments to make slaves of the rest.”  What principle, foundational to all debate, was he using as he condemned the acts of his own British colleagues while praising the heroism of the American colonies?  (Hint: Learn how Christ and others engaged in “rebuttal” techniques both cogently and concisely).

Years ago, an old man rescued a little boy from a burning house. In the process, the man’s two hands were severely burned …leaving him with horribly scarred hands. When the boy soon afterwards was orphaned, the town convened. Several individuals came forward to convince the townspeople that the boy should be with this or that person, this or that family. Then the old man came forward. As he stood in front of the assembled town, he simply held up his hands. The town unanimously voted to let him adopt the boy, as he had proven his love and his desire to raise the boy. Note the power of just one well chosen illustration to move the hearts of any person or audience.  The question is how and then when to use an illustration, assuming it is such a well chosen one to begin with.

Mental Triggers YOU Produce in Others…
Modern research has confirmed the fact that all of us have “mental triggers” within us to which we respond. Professionals know this fact and use them…from the CIA to the local grocery store…from your doctor to newspaper advertising…it is a known fact that we respond to trigger mechanisms. Right, wrong or indifferent we have them…and others use them to their particular advantage. 

Subtle triggers within us cause us to react to events and people surrounding us. Discussions, presentations, question-framing, fallacy- all of these and so many other areas can turn the switch "on" or “off” in people.  All people have "trigger points"- those points of thinking that "latch on" to what is presented, even against our will.
Given that fact, do you ask yourself how others respond to your presence…your opinions…your views...anything that reminds them of you? Knowing how people respond can give you a “heads up” on how to change their attitudes, affect their opinions, and overcome prejudice IF you know which methods and principles to use.
The office, the home, public and private situations ALL present confrontation and speaking pitfalls. Since life is full of potentially humiliating or otherwise challenging situations, learning how to defuse, derail, or "turn the argument" upon another can be the difference in job or family performance.

Avoid being verbally disarmed. With just a few principles you CAN be prepared for a wide variety of situations and tricks used by others- with comparatively little time invested.

Christ used comparatively few principles that were effective in arming Him for MANY different situations.

In this course, How to Master the Verbal Skills & Strategies of Jesus Christ, those principles are laid out carefully for your instant recognition and use. Avoid being verbally disarmed. With even just a few principles you CAN be prepared for a wide variety of situations. Remember, each principle can be used in countless situations, by you or against you.

Either one of two situations will lead you to learn these principles, methods and skills. You and I can learn the hard way…when someone uses them on us…Or…we can learn them ahead of time and use them effectively in our own defense. But, one way or the other we all  learn.

Your Arsenal!

This course categorizes, develops and illustrates the principles and methods used by Jesus Christ AND by His detractors to SPEAK well and argue effectively. That constitutes a veritable arsenal of “verbal weaponry”.  Remember, this is NOT just another work on verbal skills. This course studies the verbal skills of the One whose mastery has awed the world for 2000 years…Jesus Christ the Lord. So, here’s the Arsenal He used that can be yours:

Anticipating Situations Before They Develop

•    Learn how to handle potentially difficult or embarrassing situations where you must answer well so as to gain advantage or avoid damage to you and your relationships.

•    Argument is NOT primarily fighting. Learn that arguments are primarily methods of presenting an approach to reasoning through differing points of view. We all argue. But not every argument is the same. Learn to recognize the different kinds of arguments used by friends and foes alike. Gain the edge by recognizing how others are approaching you.  Believe me, once people learn that you are able to “handle yourself” with them, respect will skyrocket and with it come new relationships built upon that respect.

How to Get Inside and “Under” the Person’s Arguments

•    Identify the roots of a person's position- the assumptions made before he speaks. People make assumptions all the time and often are not aware that they are doing so.  Such assumptions are the foundation for the reasons they present when they attempt to convince you and others. Being able to do this one thing will catapult your abilities far beyond the ability to “argue.”

•    Learning to identify such assumptions (“presuppositions”) can give you the ability to spot clues to their thinking before they themselves know it. When done well, this one skill always presents a surprise to the arguer on the other side of your debate.

•    With their “presuppositions” identified for them, you surprise people with your deeper understanding of the roots to their thinking…Yes, this is not only possible, but a “can do” art. You can gain the ability to find the differences in people between mere acceptance of some issue or real conviction as they dig in their heels…and what to do if that occurs.

Recognize How Counterfeits Can Snare You

•    Then there’s the world of counterfeit arguments. The world of tricksters and control artists abounds with counterfeit arguments.  Knowing how a specific argument can be twisted and defeated by its counterfeit can enable you to identify and counter the effects of such deadly “twists.” You remain in control of the situation by learning these techniques.

•    Fallacies are literally counterfeit arguments. There are many types of fallacies used in speaking situations of all kinds. This course identifies the major ones while helping you to identify the principles used by people to build fallacy.  Instead of falling victim to their hidden traps, you can learn what the traps really are, expose them AND use them to advantage once exposed. Learn to instantly identify which fallacies are being used and turn them around for your benefit.

•    Learn the fallacy of inconsistency as presented in these pages.  “Inconsistency” sounds like a harmless “academic” word, perhaps. But, the media uses it all the time, convincingly. Not one person in a million understands its lethal impact.  “Inconsistency” is immoral as well as lethal when self-consciously used. Many who do use this do not know that they are doing so.  Unfortunately, the fallacy of “Inconsistency” can make a sound argument look terrible, while making sheer "nonsense" sound reasonable.  Such systems of thought as Marxism, Fascism, Darwinism, Hegelianism, Freudianism, and others use the principle without perhaps realizing that the fallacy uses internal contradiction and can make almost anything sound reasonable. Learn to recognize its inner trappings, revamp it usage and ruin its appeal.

•    This text can enable a student to see the principles used to leverage destructive thought patterns and intentions.

Learn Human “Trigger Points”

•    There is a set of “trigger points” the Bible identifies which reside in all of us. This means you never show up in any situation without some knowledge of the person with whom you are about to “argue”. Knowing this gives you a tremendous advantage. You have a knowledge base about people that most mistakenly ignore about themselves.

•    Learn how to trigger reactions within people by what is often referred to as "point of contact." With this “people ‘trigger’", you can learn to impact convincingly.  (No…we are NOT suggesting anything like “Pavlov’s famous dog tricks.”). We are suggesting that people are surprisingly consistent.

Imagine You as a Master in the Art of Question- Framing!

•    There are over 30 different possible reasons questions can be asked. Learn any or all of them in this course, at your leisure

•    Question-framing is an art.  From courtroom contests to media dramatics to personal queries, learning how to pose the well-framed question literally places you in control and places your opposition on YOUR PLAYING GROUND! Learning how to recognize the well-framed question also helps you discern the REAL INTENTION behind most questions.

•    Question framing is definitely NOT neutral ground. After studying this work, you will be amazed at how NON-neutral - and lethal – a simple sounding question can really be.
•    There are times you should NOT answer a question. Learn when that may be necessary and how to counter objections to it.

As a (retired) heart surgeon, I know what it means to have pursued excellence in any professional endeavor. Real accomplishment is not just attained through hard work.  There are certain skills vital to any person’s ongoing success.  Critical thinking in the examination of any subject matter is crucial to such attainment.  Real success, progress and achievement can only come by mastering relations with people of all kinds and abilities.  The ability to think clearly, frame questions, recognize “counterfeits”, identify presuppositions, and handle arguments is the very essence of effective communication skill. Only with such skills can a person successfully present positions, opinions, and discoveries to a skeptical and hard-hitting world. I heartily endorse this excellent course for anyone’s consideration…and mastery.

Dr. Robert Gamble
Heart and Thoracic Surgeon ( retired)

Many Different Uses for This Course!

•    This course can be used as a course in home schooling study or in a Christian school or church ministry environment.  It can be used as an introduction to logic, a course in debate, a curriculum for critical reasoning, an apologetics course or a Bible study manual.

•    Major points of the text are illustrated with one historical, real-life example after another.  Everyone loves a good story! Learn the various points by learning the real life stories used to present its features. Once you've "got it" locked in memory, you can then use it repeatedly (without relying on "rote" memory).

•    The enemies of Christ were the best debaters of the day. This text strips their argument forms down to the basic thought patterns as “played out” in their argumentation with our Lord.

•    One of the proofs for the existence of the Triune God is the existence in every one of us of "laws of logic.” Not only are laws of logic introduced in this course, but you can learn to use them effectively. 

Preparation…Preparation…Preparation? No!

•    Any speaking situation can be humiliating, if mishandled. There are those who know and use this truth to intimidate. They know how to "get ahead" as a result. Christ defeated and stopped such people, often those in authority in society. To be prepared for such people and situations is to be forearmed.

•    The fact that we CAN be prepared to handle humiliating circumstances should encourage us and bolster our confidence.

•    Remember, with this course you will learn Christ's methods of inquiry and examination. He used evidence, proof and rebuttal methods as few have ever done.  Most people won't even suspect this knowledge exists.  You, on the other hand, will be using it.

Gain the edge that others lack. Going to Christ for THESE tools will surprise you. YOU can gain great advantage in normal, everyday life situations without anyone necessarily understanding the source of your expertise!

Secrets that Fewer Than 1 in 10,000
Christians Know Anything About:
If you decide to claim “How to Master the Verbal Skills & Strategies of Jesus Christ” you should know that it has a real price tag. This is important for two reasons.
First, you can feel confident that this course is truly complete. It's not a "teaser" designed to upgrade you to something more expensive.
Second -- and much more important -- because of its price tag, very few dabblers are privy to its lessons. We wish this were otherwise. But, it isn’t. That means that these lessons are really "secrets" to the few who know them; fewer than 1 in 10,000 “churched people” know about them. That’s’ regrettable. But, even fewer unchurched people know the lessons Christ used.
You can’t answer for the world. You only answer for you!  You just need to ask yourself which you'd rather have... The same cheap, mass-marketed books that everyone else buys (with techniques that have been worn out and abused)?... Or a genuine competitive edge in the world around you?
Look: most people fail because they don't know where to start. That's why I've organized my course in a clear, step-by-step manner. Instead of being overwhelmed, you'll have a clear approach to argument skills; you'll know what to do first, second, third, etc. Lesson by lesson you will learn to approach the subject piece by piece.
Best of all, you won't need to be a speech expert or professional debater. You will only need to be faithful…with a desire to learn. Learn to implement these strategies, and you don't need any special experience. All you need is a desire to excel.
FIVE Super Bonuses (Valued at $350.00):
"Yours to Keep if You Purchase Today.”
6-Month Money Back Guarantee!
If you're excited about the potent lessons and information that you'll receive in the “How to Master the Verbal Skills & Strategies of Jesus Christ" book…
…then I think you're going to be astonished by what I'm about to do next.
If, for any reason, you do not want to keep the book, send it back to us on CD and we will refund your money (less shipping and handling, of course). No questions asked. Just send it back.
Because I want to be sure that you have every tool, technique, and tip that you could possibly need to guarantee your success, I've agreed to give away a Bonus 'Toolbox' of FIVE SUPER BONUSES -- absolutely free with your purchase of the Golden Package Option:

Here’s what you will receive with the Gold Package: 

Toolbox Bonus
#1    The Quick Start Audio Set of “How to Master the Verbal Skills & Strategies of Jesus Christ” Over 2 Hours of Audio!
This audio set provides special audio presentations which give you a “Quick Start” program to mastering the readable, easy-to-follow course material presented in the book. You receive the book/ manual of course but you ALSO receive specialized instruction entitled, “Let’s Get This Mastered…Now” audio.   This Set is also downloadable and is designed to give in depth coverage of many of the lessons and illustrations given in the course. (In other words, it’s yours almost immediately.) Follow along in many of the lessons with the course and read as the course progresses. Also, it even includes something else…more information on a Christian view of Logic.   (Value: $37.95-)      Remember… Over 2 Hours of Audio!                                                                                    

Toolbox Bonus    #2    "Watch Their Reactions!”  A must-have introduction to the world of reading people’s reactions. This particular book is based upon Biblical citations where reactions are studied by the inspired record. This art is catching on in the professional business and government world and is valued for its “read” of human reactions. My book introduces the Christian to this fascinating world of human physical reactions from a biblical perspective while evaluating the outside world’s view and use of the subject. Ad to your store of knowledge in dealing with people, the art of “reading” their reactions for consistency and insight as you are speaking with them…or plain observing their behavior.
  (Value: $37.95)"

Toolbox Bonus #3    “How to Master the Verbal Skills & Strategies of Jesus Christ Manual Question and Answer Book”. This book is designed for schools, studies, church work…anywhere a text book approach is needed. Frankly, it is adaptable for personal use too. This Manual helps to make this text a course. (Value: $19.95)"

Toolbox Bonus #4    “The Roth Memory Book!" This book teaches you memory skills that will enhance your abilities many times over. Who doesn’t want a sharp memory…the ability to memorize great amounts of knowledge in just a short time…and retain such memory work over time!     (Value: $39.95)

Toolbox Bonus #5    A FREE subscription and/or direct access to our daily  Christian service site !  This site is designed to bring to you the Book of Proverbs…only unlike any use of the Book of Proverbs you’ve ever seen. Designed to give parents the ability to teach their children in bite-sized lessons, this site treats each verse of the one Book God designed for children…and the parents who nurture and train them.  Each verse is brought to life by historical incidents, people, and places designed to illustrate the book’s rich world view content…and to present lasting stories –all true – Offer is good when this goes “live” and becomes available.
 (Value $150-)

If you choose the Silver Package Option, here’s what you get:

1)    You receive the book…
Remember, we’ve been describing a book that you will find nowhere else. It teaches the very methods and approached used by Christ as well as those used by His enemies.

2)    You receive the other bonuses as described…without the audio Set as described in the first Bonus #1.

Claim Your Package of “How to Master the Verbal Strategies & Skills of Jesus Christ”
In The Next 5 Minutes...
Buying this course is like buying Microsoft at $10 per share: it's designed to yield tremendous returns.
You can spend years waking up and wondering what situations…and people…you will face TODAY – Wondering how I would handle this or that situation…worse…how I would handle this or that PERSON. You try to continue to search it out on your own… But doesn't it make a lot more sense to skip the learning curve?
If you answered "Yes," and you want to snowball the growth of your abilities, starting right now, with proven principles that triumphant Christians have used already  -- then
Click here to order this course right now. Remember: If you're not thrilled with the Golden Package Option #1, just send the course back on a CD within the 6 month time period, pay nothing, and keep the $300-Toolbox Bonuses -- that's a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide!
1.    Call toll-free at 1-866-735-5871 (8am - 5pm Central Time) and mention "publication ‘Debate Strategies’" to get the discounted price with the free bonuses mentioned above. Any time you call, please leave a detailed message on the product you are interested in, your call-back number, the best time to call, and the publication name.  Outside business hours leave us the same information but understand we will get back to you during normal business hours.
2.    Click here to print out an order form to mail or fax your order.
3.    Click here to have us call you for your ordering information.
If not purchasing the course online, we will call you, process your order upon receiving payment, and, in all cases, send to you a confirmation email detailing how to access your courses and bonuses.
May God Bless,
Wayne C. Sedlak-- President
A&D Net Enterprises, Inc.
P.S. At this point after reading a typical offer, you probably think to yourself "Do I really want to spend $197?" Friend, that's exactly why I've offered my "Nothing To Lose guarantee" for you. If my course doesn't deliver, I'm the one who loses -- not you.
P.P.S. Over $300- worth of bonuses with Golden Package Option #1 is  yours to keep no matter what if that is the option you purchase, if you prove to me that you tried at least three of the strategies in the course. That's a guaranteed gain, no matter what you decide. Click here to order online now.
P.P.P.S. Don't forget that you have almost NO RISK. Why? The products come to you through download (unless you order the CD Set by phone for an additional $20- more, call 1866.735.5871.) and you may get your money back for the offer by simply putting the downloads on CD and shipping them back to us. 
P.P.P.P.S. Still not convinced that you need this "cutting edge" home-study course? Let me give you one more reason why this course is absolutely essential for anyone seriously wanting to learn to present themselves publicly and privately.
If you are not using this course, you are probably losing money. Why? Learning to communicate well and handle relationships, present yourself with confidence and still deal uprightly with those around you is one of the skills ALWAYS recognized as essential to success. Also, losing a career, a loved one to unbelief or your own reputation is so hurtful, why risk it? You can't lose with this offer. You can always keep the bonuses with Option #1. Click here to order online now.

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