January 19th, 2018

There was this guy who jumped from the top of a 40 story building. As he fell he kept saying...
"So far, so good... So far, so good..."

Too many businesses plod through this tough economic environment telling themselves: "So far, so good... So far, so good."

No business can afford to have its own message ignored in the same market "stream" of clients its competitors leverage successfully. The most powerful tool ever invented for direct access to individuals is the Internet!

The Internet is a revolution that leverages "direct access" to BOTH vast crowds and the narrow "niche".
The 'Net provides broad access to "the crowds", no doubt. But the REAL revolution is its capacity to leverage your presence to find underserved niche markets... thousands of them!


The Internet is NOT intuitive
... Success on the 'Net is the result of different kinds of "rules", tactics and strategies than what works offline. The 'Net guarantees to the few who know HOW to use it effectively... a much better "landing".
Too many businesses are STILL trying desperately to get on even ONE "Front Page Google" for their competitive markets...

What If We Told You Clients and Students of Ours Have Learned From Us... OR ... Used Our Services to Get Their Message on as Many as 500 "Front Page Google" Positions AT THE SAME TIME?

Would that Give You the Competitive Advantage You Need?

Competition is tough! Get the advantage with online marketing aimed at customers who are spread randomly across the country… segmented demographically… targeted regionally… or concentrated locally.

Whatever your business or organizational needs… you CAN target clients and gain immense exposure through specialized online tactics and strategies. It can be done…inexpensively and effectively.

Earn Business Profits or Extend the Reach of Your Organization Using Specialized Internet Tactics and Strategies We Use!

If You Prefer, You Can Ask Us to Do the Marketing for You... Your Choice!

With the competition as tough as it is, you need a Killer website, powerful positioning in the Search engines (see the “article” at left), and a vibrant social media campaign that will produce a powerful presence, grabbing the attention of YOUR TARGETED customers – the kinds of people YOU KNOW who are looking for what you offer.

On the 'Net There are Dozens of Ways to Reach Clients...We WILL Show
You as Many as You Need!

This "one-of-a-kind" marketing program [and its special select training program - See below] will give your business new tools and technigues to successfully gain traction on the 'Net to find and attract your target market: the kinds of people you want to visit your online site(s).

You have your choice. We can train your personnel ... OR... We can do the online marketing for you.  Contact us to discuss both options.  We show you HOW to access thousands of Niche markets.  See below.

The problem is... so MANY companies make one of about a half dozen mistakes... ALL of these start out sounding "reasonable" but quickly turn into failures.

Expensive Websites that bring a "trickle" of traffic... and usually not productive visitors even if they do show an interest.
Websites do NOT attract visitors without ONE very important issue resolved.  Too many Webmasters are technicians. That's fine but webmastering is NOT Internet marketing ... even with "SEO".   See below...
What about the vast reach of reporters, editors and PR? Very few businesses believe they should even attempt to use the web to attract syndicated PR... Every business should have a plan to use PR online...Few know how.

Press releases are now picked up by millions of reporters, editors, bloggers, and social media sites by the millions! PR online is NOT the same as offline, nor are the dozens of other methods for attracting visitors. See below...

Newspaper Industry Consults... Who?

In May 2007, marketing experts representing the most powerful moguls of the newspaper industry called on a small Wisconsin based Internet marketing company to ask for its expertise. Their pressing need over that one week of consultation was expressed in the opening question:

"Why is the newspaper industry - with all of its billions of dollars in resources - losing market share to the Internet?

We were that company.

Our answers helped them to understand the Internet... BUT we will show you HOW to apply those same powerful skills.


Less than 2% of the businesses use video marketing and audio marketing much less the inexpensive, yet powerfull Internet Radio opportunities.

Video AND audio marketing is sweeping the Internet. Fewer than 2% businesses KNOW HOW to market to their niche with video and/or audio marketing strategies.   See below...
Almost NO ONE takes advantage of linking strategies (as opposed to linking that happens more "randomly"). Linking is called "web currency". Few know HOW to do it!

Without quality links from other sources, your website will not be "found".  For many, linking is not a strategy...It is random, unsystematic. How's your linking strategy? And then there is the "Long Tail" --- unused!   See below.
Website content is all too often nothing more than guesswork... No analytics, no surveying and no testing of content, headlines, visuals, products and services.

Are you guessing HOW people will respond to your offers? Do you know what attracts streams of visitors... or why your site is ignored? Find out...access streams of clients you didn't know were "out there"!  See below...
Expensive "5-figure" "Internet Marketing" Business "Packages" that fail to bring customers.

Some major corporations have special programs - commanding as much as $40,000 for "Internet Marketing". Do you know what their "success rate" really is?  See below...


Their Website Wasn't Attracting Visitors... Read What Happened Next
Local Manufacturing Business Competes Successfully in Many of the Most Competitive Markets with Our Program

We compete with some of the most powerful companies in the world. Our customers are found in manufacturing companies of all sizes and industries – ranging from medical fields (including orthodontics, orthopedics, catheters, and surgical instruments) to automotive parts and engines, motorcycles, snowmobiles, pattern and mold makers, the plastics industry, recreational and consumer products industries.

Despite the wide range of competitive markets, we can compete across the board in all of these industries, and have successfully done so since our staff was trained by Wayne Sedlak.

We are consistently found on front page Google™ and have stayed there month after month. In fact, we haven’t had to touch our latest group of ads there for over 5 months – we just keep getting a steady stream of customers all the time.

It’s great to be able to control our costs, put the marketing on autopilot and do what we do best… service our clients!

We really do recommend Wayne’s training for business growth, competitive positioning of online products and services. We are constantly increasing market share through our Internet marketing program.” 
Tim Winters
Partner, T. J. Grinding
Waukesha, Wisconsin
Non-existent Social Media marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and many other platforms.

Do you have a Social media marketing strategy? Do you know HOW to take your social media strategy into the Net to FIND thousands of niche market opportunities? Find out HOW ... See below...
"Search Engine Optimization" techniques
that are ineffective because they represent the "Old Rules" of the Internet...

"SEO" approaches "vary". Most webmasters are not marketers so their "SEO" approaches will not be effective. After all, SEO are "marketing" practices...not webmastering techniques!   See below...

Few know HOW to use the one service that allows a business to access 50 million people for about 10 bucks in less than 24 hours!

Do you know HOW to gain access to 50 million people, for about $10 dollars, in less than 24 hours?  See below...


Read What This Expert Said About Corporations that Don't Understand Internet Marketing!
International Retail Marketing Professional Applauds Program…

As a Retail Marketing Professional (20 years) to many of the world’s largest corporations, I have repeatedly been surprised by one shocking fact: There seems to be a genuine paralysis in the corporate world to leverage the Internet. I have witnessed too often the artless failure to understand what constitutes “real world Internet marketing!” 

Many corporations - businesses large, small and everything in between - simply do not “get it.”  Too often I see expensive web sites positioned on the web for years (Note: years of lost opportunity) producing nothing but exasperation and frustration at the failure to generate a real flow of customer traffic -- affordably. I hear corporate personnel using the right “terms” – SEO, PPC, Keywording, social media marketing - but they remain confused that their customers can’t find their web presence unless they buy it!

I sat in on top level marketing meetings in corporations, and have heard top management ask why they aren’t on the front page of Google despite their large budget. Then they send their marketing teams back to fruitlessly work with their expensive webmasters to try to improve their SEO without a game plan – spending thousands of additional dollars on paid search in the process.  Imagine if they understood then what I now understand!

After going through the Leveraging Influence Internet training (and all conveniently by phone from my office with my computer in front of me), I now understand that best practice “digital marketing” is NOT simply about putting up a web site, blog or social media presence. It is about acquiring a set of digital marketing skills with insights that can actually create customers, save you time, and increase sales significantly.

Wayne, your knowledge of economics and digital marketing is fantastic. Online direct response marketing is understood by relatively few in the business world. This Leveraging Influence training encompasses literally hundreds of techniques, tactics and skills of online marketing which so many businesses of all kinds, markets and sizes desperately need if they are going to compete in this economic environment…AND… you teach people so thoroughly and so well that almost anyone who wants to… can “get it”. 

Anyone needing to extend their influence online, gain customers, or reach people with their message should take this program…now. It is eye-opening.

Peggy Munnagle
Partner and Marketing Consultant at The ROIG Group, a boutique Retail Consultancy


So What Must YOU DO to Gain the Online Attention You Need?
Read Below... and Act.
It Will Change Your Business Forever

 How Many of YOUR Niche Markets are You Reaching NOW?

Because we train your company OR market for you, we can oversee your access to the vast arena of Niche marketing! Niche marketing accesses NOT one of your markets - but accessing thousands of markets within your target clientele. Most businesses do not know the power of niche marketing and cannot determine HOW people - millions of them - flow like streams to products, information or services within your targeted clientele.

But... where are these "niche markets" to be found on the Internet? How do YOU find them? Once found, HOW do you direct their attention to your online site(s)? Back to top.

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About Websites: Why They are Most Often Worthless...

There is a singular truth about marketing to your niche that drives people to your website. If you fail to understand that ONE truth... your site will NOT gain traction on the Net.

Webmasters AND the vast majority of communications companies that offer expensive "Internet marketing" packages NEVER do this for you. Ask us to ask you "Did your webmaster... or... the marketing company that markets your site do __________?" The answer has always been "No". If you don't know, then the answer is "NO" because it would involve you...the one offering your product or service!
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What If You Could Get on Google in 500 Front Page Google Positions ... All at Once... Using Only 2 Methods of Attracting People? How Effective Would that Be? Read the Newspaper (at left or above):

There are dozens of methods for attracting clients to your site. SEO is ONLY one of those methods and most businesses have no idea what that is! PR is another ... but few businesses use it. Why don't they? Because they cannot imagine they are newsworthy!

Video and audio marketing are still in their "infancy". Especially video marketing.

Remember, we're the company the Newspaper Industry consulted back in 2007. Learn HOW to gain attention to your business, network, or organization. PR, for example, is NOT just for celebrities, Sports events, and the News. It is NOW a NEW RULE of the Internet: PR leverages the story of YOUR business!

But, then again, we can show you 30 or more methods for getting clients to your web presence! Back to Top

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Is Your Company Consciously Pursuing the "LONG TAIL"...

If not... then you cannot effectively pull visitors to your online presence at a considerably lower cost to you AND you are ignoring thousands of pools of potential clients who aren't searching the 'Net in the most obvious ways.

Instead of catering to mainstream (expensive) advertising with endless discussions about ad copy, slogans, branding, etc. YOU need to harness the Net with a strategy of reaching the vast numbers of UNDERSERVED audiences in your target market. Back to top

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Social Media Campaigns... Do You Know HOW to Build Your "Transmedia Platform" across the Net?

People want to participate, not be "sold". They want to contribute, not remain passive. In the world of the Net success is more than advertising. It is crowdsourcing, coolhunting, digital access, display advertising, and great online content! Back to top

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Do it Wrong ... Quickly! Or It Will Cost You More Than Just Poorly Invested Advertising Dollars!

Yes... you must test to find what makes your clients STAY onsite... and perform as you want them to perform: Do they stay but refuse to purchase? What part of their visit at your website failed to move them to act? How do you know? Find out where your site FAILS...but do it wrong quickly! We will make it easy ... even painless!
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Let the World Know About Your Expertise. Think "Viral" (NOT "virus")... "Viral"

Definition of Viral: (Not to be confused with online "viruses"): "An idea is viral online when it spreads rapidly because people simply must tell others about your message!" They feel empowered, important, flattered, excited, popular... because they were the first to tell your message, see your webpage, share your story... They become your ambassadors...free of charge to you!

These days, online content is King. But, content must be specially prepared or it will fall flat. Then there's the viral spread of an idea, a product, a service, an ad, an online headline. How does viral work? Can it work to spread YOUR message across the Net because YOUR organization gets people talking? Back to Top

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