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Yellen to Fed Chief Post: More Aggressive…More Inflation

Senators are expected to confirm Janet L. Yellen as the next head of the Federal Reserve today, January 6, 2014, as the new leader for the central bank. The vote is expected to be one of the closest ever.

Yellen is a former UC Berkeley economist and would be the first woman to lead the Fed after being nominated by President Obama last fall and the first Democrat to hold the job since 1987. Bernanke’s term expires January 31, 2014.

The Democratic-controlled Senate has set a vote for 5:30 p.m. EST on Monday, its first day back after a holiday break. One issue of "more-than-just-a-little-concern" ( among many) is the current aggressive inflationary – expantionist Fed policy of injecting over 80 Billion dollars PER MONTH into the economy. This has inflated the stock market, creating the look of  "recovery" and creating the new stock market record highs, which makes it appear as if the Resident in the White House is presiding over an economic recovery. All it amounts to is the Fed’s aggressive provision of massive purchases of stocks and derivatives…escalating their prices into the "look" of recovery.

Note this issue: Historically, without monetary manipulation, a rising stock market would normally have meant that business fundamentals (increasing profitability, growth, productivity, increasing jobs, expansion of markets, more real buying power) was responsible for the rise in stock prices. However, merely increasing "credits" (credits are "contributing buying power" without the presence of a real, valued, commodity money to stabilize/secure it) and injecting dollars into the economy actually raises the prices. This is called inflationary demand… it does not need consumer demand nor good "fundamentals" to operate. But, its capacity to raise prices gives the stock market a boost and so media and government analysts hype "stock market recovery", ergo, economic recovery.

It is deceitful, manipulative, and ultimately, extremely destructive. It is anathema to God and should be exposed by pulpits (YES, pulpits!). It is akin to the dope addict "injection leading to a ‘high’"… BUT setting the stage for a worst "crash". Both the dope addict and the central bank’s inflationary policies give a similar result… more injections lead to (later) more crashes… and DEEPER crashes at that! Deeper crashes mean much longer time periods for recovery IF central banking manipulation ceases to continue to operate. Just as a cut will heal IF left alone, so our economy will heal IF it is left alone. But, we keep making the sore bleed more! Therefore, recovery becomes impossible… with capital, businesses, and families being wiped out at increasingly severe rates of destruction!

In other words, the laws of economics move to capture all the laws of destruction, turning sound stewardship into self-destruction. Yes, you read that correctly. If inflation can give the appearance of "recovery" that simply means fraud (which is what inflation really is, incidentally), can operate as if it were sound economic results ("stability", "recovery", "healthy spending").

If the pulpits would talk about stewardship from Scripture, maybe people would learn why it is that the more frugal you more, the more prone you will be to being hurt. That subject is for another post here.

Thus, it is possible that a company can be doing poorly, yet see its stock price increase. In fact, it is quite common now. The inflationary policies make it extremely difficult to predict correctly future pricing… which IS the major indicator for business budgeting and production planning. Pricing is the key for better understanding of our economic future. If that pricing is skewed by monetary-securitization policies (which allows the banking industry, for example, to make $6 million dollars on a $400k foreclosed home) PLUS insurance payments, tax breaks and seizure of the home! (The criminal activities involved include multiple acts of fraud, criminal conversion, fraudulent conveyance, robo-signing, perjury, de facto "bribery" – what the Bible calls "taking of gifts"… and is called an "abomination" by God) accompanied with perversion of the justice civil code and ignoring of the rules of evidence.

Add to that the astronomical increase in "securitization" of all sorts of "debt" instruments, such as (so-called) credit cards, mortgage-notes (look up "bifurcation" of a note from its mortgage and "robo-signer" if you want to be shocked), and other debt based instruments… All of this spells the arrival of an economic jugernaut on the side of inflationary – deflationary whipsaws, which are exceedingly destructive, from which the average middle class household cannot escape.

Since the arrival of the Federal Reserve (purportedly designed to protect the economy from recessions) we have had more than twice the number of "depression-recessions" in the century of its existence than we had in all of our prior history as a nation. 

However, such money expansion is undercutting the value of the housing market, small business’ ability to grow, while constantly eroding middle class consumer ability to save anything, sending millions of high-schoolers, mothers and college students into the market just to help pay bills. The claims that "inflation is under control" is media-talk. I still say your grocery bills -utility costs (heat!!)- gasoline costs ("stabilized" (?!) at about $3.29/gal !!!) – increasing property tax rates… are the best indicators for showing the REAL inflationary erosion of buying power and incapacity to save.

Call your Senators.   INFO HERE

You will probably be told Yellen is agreeable to Barnanke’s announced policy for "tapering", perhaps no later than 2015. Don’t get into a sparring match with the Senator’s aids. Just state your opposition to Yellen’s nomination as the new Fed Chief as she will certainly continue his policies.

Act and speak respectfully AT ALL TIMES. They love to goad people into accusing them of threats or violent speech. DON’T fight with them. Just speak your position…. BUT…DO SPEAK OUT!

– Wayne Sedlak, ICHR


  1. jason lee
    January 7th, 2014 | 7:48 pm

    Excellent summary Mr. Sedlak of this most deceptive vise and the most corrupt White House Administration in our nation’s history! Is there any real chance Mr. Obama could be impeached for the obvious impeachable offenses -‘Eric Holder’s ‘fast & furious’ gun scandal, Bengazi-gate, IRS Scandal, abuse of Executive orders…and on an on?? Keep up the ‘clarion call’ to fight for Truth and Freedom.
    God bless.

  2. January 8th, 2014 | 7:19 pm

    Thank you for the comments. Key to our nation’s trials is the failure of the churches to teach God’s people “money issues.” See for example Lev. 19: 35-36. If only a moral outrage, sparked by pulpits throughout the land, would take this beast and expose it, perhaps much suffering could be alleviated. But, of course, the churches must have a “replacement” in view. Not likely in the immediate future…but I do believe the churches will successfully untangle this evil and expose it in future generations. That doesn’t help us now of course. But, raising the issue lends itself to calling those future generations. Thank you again for your comments! God bless you… -Admin

  3. Clare
    January 9th, 2014 | 8:03 am

    Thanks for the information. Sad that she got in, but not surprising.

  4. Nancy Jo
    January 9th, 2014 | 7:37 pm

    Isn’t it amazing how much of the US Taxpayers’ money that Mrs. Obama is spending on her fashions and ALL of her aides ? Wow ! You would think that our Country is experiencing a BOOM ! Their luxury vacations & his golf games. They are counting on the indifference of the American public. So far it has worked out pretty well for them, as they continue to “Executive Order” us into a Dictatorship ~!

  5. Robert
    January 10th, 2014 | 8:35 am

    With the last housing bubble we had, you’d think they would back off. Like Christ said” A house built on a rock will, stand, but a house built on sand will wash away, and great will be the destruction thereof.” With a money system based on essentially “trust” and now the money is a “lie” it is bound to collapse. You are right, where are the Churches today? How come there are not more people stopping this insane “this be it, as I print it” money? Perhaps the heavens are brass….for a reason. Pray that we will our ears will be unstopped, and our consciences pricked to start doing something…like picking up the phone, talking to our Churches to get into action.

  6. Carol Rae Moon
    January 12th, 2014 | 8:02 pm

    Dr. D.J.Kennedy has passed on into heaven and a movie of his life has been made. He was not raised in a Christian home, but during his twenties he became born again. He then went on to school to receive an education to become a pastor and became the first pastor of Coral Ridge Ministries. At one time there were 45 members but that went down shortly to 17. The church elders decided to put into effect an AGGRESSIVE EVANGELISM SYSTEM. They went out into their community and into the homes of the lost, because THE LOST DO NOT COME TO THE CHURCH. And even after this church became tremendously successful and powerful they NEVER STOPPED reaching out to seek and teach the people.

    This country has lost it’s Christian principals, and to fill the vacuum, we are left with a manipulative authoritarian government that has conditioned the population to it’s own deceptions. People have lost the knowledge of history and are not wise. . .

    It was identified the root cause of lawless expediency is the willingness to assure internal security at any cost. Ron Paul during the presidential elections continually tried to warn us of this. There were multitudes who caught on but not enough to change the trend we are on. People need to realize what a correct world view is. AUTHORITARIAN GOVERNMENTS GROW.

    God is in control of everything and has been throughout all of history. God has given us good kings as well as evil kings, and their societies as well. Couldn’t it be that there is a responsible reason for that? I think of the circle of curses and blessings.

    Since the beginning God has raised up leaders to serve his purposes. Not many. Most people are sheep needing a shepherd. The shepherds understanding the sheep and their needs, help them live the life Christ has prepared for them.

    Do you yearn for a “Revival” like I do? There needs to be a humility of soul to love our neighbor and to teach them; in ways God shows us; to become wise. To know Christ as their Savior and that the next generation that follows us will not be undercut as far as HISTORICAL CHRISTIANITY IS CONCERNED, if WE OURSELVES, this moment in history, be the voice for this generation.

    We cannot be the RESTORATIVE SALT, that Christians are supposed to be in their culture, if WE HAVE NO WORLD VIEW THAT TELLS THE TRUTH TO THEM.

  7. Carol Rae Moon
    January 19th, 2014 | 10:28 pm

    All throughout the scripture is the 3 fold division of government that is enjoined on Gods people, contrary to popular sediment concerning the Bible and the government of Israel. Israel was not just a monarchy under such kings as David, Solomon and others. Israel was a constitutional monarchy. In fact Israel understood that the Lord is our lawgiver; the Lord is our king; the Lord is our judge; he will save us. Three different offices of government are referenced there. The legislative; the executive; and the judicial. Interestingly enough it says, he will save us. Governments purpose as ministers of God; those who rule in it; is temporal salvation.

    How often do we hear Romans 13 discussed and debated? Discussed of course as the civil ministers that are ordained by God. We don’t understand the fact that what Paul is talking about is that the entire Book of Romans is about salvation. When it comes to Romans 13 he is talking about temporal salvation. Meaning those that are given authority; the authority of state, of derived authority under God; are to save the innocent, protect that which is good, and be a terror to evil doers. They are to save them from criminal action; from invasion; and from corruptions. The civil magistrates, the civil ministers under God, whether he be a president, a king, a governor, in parliament, of congress, an army or navel officer, or a policeman. Whatever the calling, he holds the badge of authority in the civil ministry. (Called by us the state unfortunately.) The calling of such individuals is salvation. No, they are not applying the eternal work of Christ. That can only be accomplished by the Lord Jesus himself. However, the Lord Jesus himself has empowered his Word and that in the hearts and hands of his people, to apply his ordinances and his laws. Government is to reflect and picture the Lord. It is to be just. It is to pursue equity, meaning the fair application of law.

    Alfred The Great was a master of the scriptures. This from THE LEGACY SERIES. Respectfully, Carol Rae

  8. Carol Rae Moon
    January 22nd, 2014 | 4:22 pm

    There is perhaps no king of greater importance as far as the establishment of freedom and the Christian faith, than that of Alfred, and the English themselves called Alfred, “The Great”.

    Christianity probably made its way to the British Isles within the 1st century after the Apostles. It was already having great influence by the 2nd century A.D. The documents are scarce but there is evidence to that effect. However, Christianity was well planted, well established, by the 6th century A.D. and its laws were to some extent affected by it.

    King Alfred was a great warrior but he’s less known to history ironically as a great warrior than he is a great scholar. King Alfred was one of those rare individuals who mastered, despite many obstacles, many different areas of life.

    As a warrior he dealt handily with the Danes and then mercifully with them, after he had conquered them. He’d be responsible for the establishment of the codification of the Christian Laws of England. Most historians will stress his Law Code but not where he got his laws. They might say he got them from 3 earlier kingdoms and although that is true, there is a bit of an omission. That omission is that King Alfred and his Law Code brought freedom and stability to the English people because he drew heavily from the Mosaic Law of the Old Testament.

    You have to understand that in the churches today, very often the Law of God is neglected, but THERE IS A HISTORY IN THE USE OF PORTIONS OF SCRIPTURE such as EX. 20-23, which is WHERE MUCH OF THE LEGISLATION IS FOUND IN SCRIPTURE CONCERNING THE ORDERING OF THE KINGD0M.

    England used many of these same laws. Its stability brought power, prosperity and fame to the English speaking peoples during that era of the English Reformation during the 1600’s.

    Its interesting that in New England our Pilgrim and Puritan Forefathers of Massachusetts, New Haven, Connecticut, to some extent Rhode Island and even the Dutch; and later the English of New York and New Jersey, used many of these same laws; and from this established an order that became so prosperous and so free, that the other colonies emulated it.


    Alfred the Great emphasized, although he drew from all sorts of areas of scripture, heavily from the Pentateuch, but that was the concentrated effort. Those 4 chapters provided the foundation what would later become English liberty. They were recast during the time of Magna Charta. Alfred drew from many of the laws of the former kingdoms in earlier centuries, no doubt, but he edited them, and he injected the Laws of God, in essence rewrote them. Magna Charta simply reformulated the laws that Alfred had given them almost 400 years earlier.

    Out of that emerged the Common Law. England would again use those same laws in the 1600’s. We wonder why the English should have been a free people. Their laws were distinct, different from the laws of other countries. They had many of the same traditions as a former Germanic people but now their laws enabled them to codify and structure a society. They would become free.

    So often you think of The Law and the Pharisees. The Pharisees were not keepers of the Law of God, any more than many of the churches today are. The Pharisees in fact changed the laws and were noted for their emphasis on their own traditions.

    Christ, taking the title of Rabi, meaning “THE MASTER OF THE LAW”, time and time again challenged them. You have to remember that Paul instructs us that the Law of the Lord is designed not for death, but according to Romans 7:22-25, designed for life. The Apostle Paul makes it very clear in Romans, THE LAW OF GOD WAS NOT DESIGNED FOR SAVING US, IT IS DESIGNED FOR TEACHING US A WHOLE NEW CIVILIZATION.

    It is interesting that King Alfred understood that and in fact commented on that very issue. He knew that the laws that were homologated in earlier centuries, time and again were throated internal contradictions, leading to infractions in society. What he wished to do was give his own people stability, lawful stability and more importantly justice. Justice, stability and add to that equity, meaning the fair and even merciful application of The Law, as the Bible enjoins. You will find that England became a powerful nation. KING ALFRED WOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ITS LAWS BUT HE DID FAR MORE THAN THAT . . .

    Taken from “THE LEGACY SERIES”. Respectfully submitted,
    Carol Rae Moon

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