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Phil Robertson… Bursting a Bubble: The Illusion of Popular Support

Phil Robertson:  A Bold Stand

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has taken a bold stand: he dared to call homosexuality "sin". However, what happened next is even more important: he got fired by the network … and his "firing" roused a firestorm of protest that shocked everyone. People across the country are enraged that he expressed his opinion (albeit somewhat graphically) and got fired. Something about 1st Amendment … something about "conscience"… and especially something about "obedience to Christ"… all play into this series of ground shaking events.

Phil Robertson: Bursting the Bubble – "The Illusion of Popular Support"

But the REAL story is emerging. The theological and political Left have always exercised their "sway" by creating what several of their "pioneers" (Nechayev, Gramschi, Lenin) all called "the illusion of popular support." In other words, they organize followers (and as many organizations as will support them) to make bold claims that imply or directly claim their positions as "majority" positions" … or lacking that they claim "moral imperatives", "’civil’ and/or ‘constitutional’ rights", "popular outrage"… all with far less than majorities on their side. Yet, their "indignation", anger and "outrage" intimidates good people into believing that such positions DO HAVE Popular support on their side.

As Gramschi and Nechayev put it… Gain the advantage by claiming victory ahead of the real victory by Creating the illusion of popular support (stated by them in various ways), in essence, winning your position in the culture long before you ever gain real victory.

Phil Robertson’s stand burst that bubble: His faithfulness caught the Left off guard… and his supporters…all who stand with him… caught the powers that be off guard as well.

In the days and weeks ahead, he WILL be attacked by every Leftist journalist, TV celebrity, and offended "Christian" who must make Phil "pay" for his stand for Christ. Dig in for the days and weeks ahead. PERSEVERE WITH PHIL AND ENCOURAGE HIM AND HIS FAMILY TO STAND … COME WHAT MAY. Please look to the side of this post and  sign up to become a Town Crier with us. We will keep you posted.

– Wayne Sedlak, ICHR (Institute for Christian Heritage Research)



  1. Bob LaPlante
    December 24th, 2013 | 7:26 am

    Following this story has been interesting indeed…

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