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Wisconsin County Sheriff Boldly Defends 2nd Amendment

Protecting the Constitution

Sheriff Dale Schmidt Boldly Defends the 2nd AmendmentTo Washington County Residents,  
Recent comments on gun control by Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn highlight, for me, a problem with law enforcement in this country.  Too often, law enforcement leaders confuse all citizens with criminals, and see themselves as “kings” of their jurisdiction instead of employees of the people.

In 2009, when Wisconsin’s Attorney General issued his advisory memo on open carry, it created little discussion within my department.  That is because we already knew it was legal and protected by the Constitution.  Chief Flynn’s position quoted from JSOnline was, “my message to my troops is if you see anybody carrying a gun on the streets of Milwaukee, we’ll put them on the ground, take the gun away and then decide whether you have a right to carry it.”  Sounds like a man who makes no distinction between law abiding citizens and criminals.  That is one example, but I believe other law enforcement leaders operate under the “end justifies the means” policing model, Constitution be damned.

Law enforcement in America was never supposed to be about “ruling the people.”  We are hired by “the people” to do that part of crime fighting they cannot do themselves.  The citizens never gave up their protection against unlawful search of their persons, or seizure of their property, or the right to own guns and defend themselves, in that process.  Does that make it harder to ferret out the criminals amongst us and arrest them?  Yes it does, but it is how we protect our free society from a tyrannical government.  I believe Chief Flynn is truly concerned about the safety of his officers, but law abiding citizens are not the threat, and any law to improve officer safety must first be Constitutional.

The way it is supposed to work, is that the citizens elect people to run the government.  Those elected people then hire police chiefs and officers to enforce society’s laws within the confines of the Constitution.  In the case of Sheriffs, the people elect them directly.  Either way, we are allaccountable to the people, we are not their rulers.  The law abiding people are on our side and we should be focused on protecting their Constitutional rights, not limiting them!  How did this get so backward?

The assertion, by President Obama, Senator Feinstein and Chief Flynn, that if certain types of guns or features of guns are banned, then violent crime will go away, is a fantasy.  More importantly, they should not even be talking about it because the people hired them to protect that right.  We should be talking about how to identify and stop people before they commit mass murders.  We should be talking about why criminals remain on the street after multiple convictions for violent crimes.  And we should be talking about how to change the sub-culture in this country that places no value on human life or personal responsibility.

Every American was appalled when they learned Adam Lanza inexplicably killed 20 children in their own classroom.  But President Obama showed no leadership when he immediately took the focus to banning guns.  That “kingly” position, shared by Senator Feinstein and Chief Flynn, essentially blames any American who supports the 2nd Amendment for those deaths, and excuses the perpetrator.

What if after Sandy Hook, President Obama had said, “this is bad; dangerous people are committing mass killings in public places, drug addicts are robbing banks, pharmacies and gas stations, and the Drug Cartels are operating in our central city neighborhoods.  The violence in this country is more than our law enforcement people can handle right now.  We work for you, and we need your help.”   Might that have produced something more positive for this country than a threat to turn half its citizens into criminals for owning guns?

Rotten and disturbed individuals commit violent crimes, and that is where law enforcement leaders need to focus their energies.  We were elected and hired by the people, and then took an oath to protect their Constitutional rights.  I suggest we try a fresh angle on violent crime by inviting the law abiding public to be a part of the solution instead of carpet bombing their individual rights.  It would do Sheriffs, Chiefs and the President well to remember Sir Robert Peel’s 7th Principle of Policing:


  Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.

Mr. President, Chief, it’s time to trust the People, not rule them.

Dale K. Schmidt, Sheriff ( email)
Washington County, WI


If anyone has articles of public officials like this one PLEASE send them on to us. We all need to be supportive of those who Interpose on our behalf. God bless you…

–    Wayne Sedlak, ICHR for VisionViewpoint


You Must Face the United Nations Gun Treaty

1.    Coming in March, 2013 …

In March, the Resident of the White House will be doing everything to get the United Nations Gun Ban Treaty “negotiated”, signed by the member nations… and sent to the Senate. Yes, I said the Senate. Not the House of Representatives. You see, the Senate ALONE must pass a Treaty.  The House does not act publicly upon it. They do NOT vote for or against a Treaty. (But, Representatives do have moral clout publicly and can get media attention).


The reason our Founders didn’t allow the House to be involved was due to the fact that originally, each state chose and commissioned two Senators to be sent to the Senate. That system was expected to bypass the voters directly and allow the States to protect the Constitution from being impacted by Treaty Law.

However, in 1913, our Congress led the charge in amending the Constitution. The  Seventeenth Amendment  established direct election of United States Senators by popular vote. The amendment displaced Article I, § 3, Clauses 1 and 2 of the Constitution, by which senators were elected by the state legislatures. (Incidentally, it was an ill-discerned Christian, Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan, who led the “Progressives” push to bring “democracy” to this issue in the Constitution. So, the state governments lost their ability and power to check the Federal government in the Senate… a major blow to states rights.

2.    The Supreme Court… Who else?

In 1920, the Supreme Court established its own constitutional revolution by declaring any Treaty, when ratified by the Senate and signed by the President, superior to all laws (state and federal) and equal to the Constitution. That was the case of Missouri v. Holland. However, any conflict with the Constitution itself (which includes the Bill of Rights) brings about a de facto amending of the Constitution.

In March, the UN is expected to pass a Gun Ban Treaty… and this Administration is already pledged to criminalize…well… let’s just say, if our Senate passes this radical Treaty, then  
–    gun owners will face increasing prosecution in the not-too-distant future
–    gun selling will face sanctions.
–    Ammunition and gun manufacturers will be heavily regulated, taxed, and sanctioned unless they cooperate with the Administration. 
–    Ammunition will “dry up”.
–    Gun prices will soar… IF you can get what you need at all.
–    The Federal government will find other markets (overseas perhaps) for those manufacturers who cooperate.

Please take a moment to read the following!

3.    Another Tool for your use in YOUR Network of friends, family, church, blogs, websites, social media…


U.N. Gun Ban Treaty: 2nd Amendment is in "Harms Way"

 March 2013 UN Gun Ban in this vital PDF. Urgent you understand the details of this deadly threat to our safety and freedoms! – Click here.

Contact your Senators and let their staff know in NO uncertain terms, how you oppose this Treaty… ANY Treaty on guns. Thkey will be “ready” for you, to distract and deny, “agree” and neutralize your fears.

I have had Senatorial staff members lie to me over the years, speak in profound ignorance of what information I was bringing to their attention and act “concerned” about what I was saying to them- yet making NO commitments to oppose such treacherous enactments in the past.

Senator web pages, contact information are found here: Senate.gov

Contacts page:   Contact Senate

Contact both Senators… and tell them you will NEVER vote for them if they agree to ANY Treaty concerning 2nd Amendment restrictions. No Treaty is needed. There are already plenty of gun laws, more than any other nation on earth. Gun restrictions never deter gangs and criminals (who easily get illegal guns via the black market).

Also,  contact ALL of the following: state representative, state senators, and your governor as well as you Congressional Representative … and demand they CALL and write to your two Federal Senators in opposition as well. Any time you can call, email, fax, write a letter (snail mail has great political clout as it shows your determination when an easier form of communication was available. Only 1 in about 70 people opposed to a bill,  actually take the time and effort to  write a snail mail objection. That means your letter is treated AS IF it represented 70 others like you. BUT…  The staffers pay close attention to the ratio of pro vs. con written contacts).

4. What you can do after contacting Senators…

1) Find Your Representative Here

Not sure of your congressional district or who your member is? This service will assist you by matching your ZIP code to your congressional district, with links to your member’s website and contact page. (You must know your Zip Code, of course).

2) Call, Fax, Snail and Email

3) Write a letter, print it out, fax it & then snail-mail away.

4) Then call a couple days after it should’ve gotten there and a that personal follow-up.

5) Look up on the web your state’s web site and do the same (as above) with all State Representatives, State Senators.  A one-page typed letter is generally best. One subject per letter is the best rule (in other words, stick to THIS ISSUE. Don’t bring in other issues). Use the full formal address, Senator X, Congressman X, etc. DO NOT demean them, but be firm.

6) Polite, courteous, well-reasoned writing, brief and to the point works much, much better than the "Dear sir: You cur!" style. šŸ™‚

7) If your handwriting is above average, that will often be more impressive. It indicates a serious interest in the subject, and obviously isn’t something dictated to a secretary.

8) Given the volume of email and faxes, only a lowly staffer ever looks at those. If they’re not from a "known person", they commonly don’t get much attention…

9) Numbers count… I mean numbers of contacts you personally make via the methods above.

10) Send a letter – or this attached Position paper to your friends and get them to do this as well. Sound the Alarm, now. Don’t wait…

11) Don’t believe the rhetoric from the Resident or his staff, administration or his allies. The Position Paper explains the deception that is afoot.

Act… now, please. You’ve probably heard for decades “they” would come for your guns… The time is upon us.  Act responsibly.

Please help us to get more individuals to sign up for our newsletter on the side panel.

God Bless You,

Wayne C. Sedlak, ICHR

U.N. Gun Ban Treaty: 2nd Amendment is in "Harms Way"

 March 2013 UN Gun Ban in this vital PDF. Urgent you understand the details of this deadly threat to our safety and freedoms! – Click here.


Principle 1 – Of Confused Professors, Archaeologists and Churches: God Judges Evil in History…

In the year 772 BC, the people of Nineveh were frightened …and well they should have been. We know from the finds of modern archaeology that they did something peculiar… something not found in ANY religion or custom of the ancient world. Not only did they put on sackcloth and emblems of deep mourning, but they dressed THEIR CATTLE with emblems of mourning. Confusion among archaeologists and anthropology professors notwithstanding, the biblical record tells us that the cattle wore tokens of their owners’ public repentance …repentance at the message of the prophet Jonah (Jonah 3:8).

The strange decree that ordered all cattle to be clothed with mourning is recorded for us. King Ashur Dan III of Assyria (772-755 B.C.) heard the preaching of Jonah:“Yet 40 days and Nineveh will be overthrown.” (Jonah 3:4)

The King repented at the preaching of the prophet.  NOTE: Jonah was preaching to a foreign nation, not Israel, holding them accountable for breach of God’s Holy Laws (Romans 2:15; 7:12). All nations, rulers and people are accountable to God for breach of HIS holy precepts. The reason this issue is important lies in the fact that ALL nations are to obey the Lord’s Word as Covenant (Psalm 2). Israel was not the ONLY people called to keep Covenant with God. Psalm 2 tells us that ALL kings, rulers and nations are to “Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with TREMBLING” (“trembling” is precisely what happened at Nineveh!). Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon learned that same lesson (Dan.4:30ff.). So did Egypt (Exod.13: 29-31), Syria (Amos 1:2ff), Persia (Dan.8:7), Canaan (Num 21:3), Edom, Moab, Ammon (Jer. 25:15ff) and many others.

Principle 2: Lex Talion & “40”

Peculiar to God’s Judgments is His use of Lex Talion. Though  often called the “Law of Vengeance”, or the “Eye for an Eye” principle, it ought to be called the Rule of Sanctions. Why? God NEVER intended it to be used for individual retaliation (Matt. 5:38). It is used by God to tie a crime with His proscribed penalty. For example, God says thieves should make restitution (Thieves steal; courts extract assets from thieves). Murderers take life; their lives are taken by courts. God identified Saul’s rebellion as witchcraft. Saul finally resorted to the counsel of witchcraft …and was judged. Isn’t it ironic that a nation that is heedless of God’s Holy Laws is now utterly engulfed  in “witchcrafted” movies, literature, games, and clothing, especially targeted toward children. Ah, preborn children slaughtered mercilessly by a heedless generation whose own children are now in harm’s way, including the occult showing the character of our refusal to obey God’s Holy precepts and TURN the EVIL from the LAND!  The Church’s refusal to own Lex Talion as a scriptural precept keeps us from properly tying specific issues with specific judgments.

Jonah’s message to Nineveh is pregnant with meaning as well: “40 days until Judgment”… and judgment that will heap destruction upon those who violate God’s Holy Laws (Psalm 90:3). “40” is God’s “stopwatch”. Jonah knew it (that’s the reason he was angry with God!). It is used of days (Genesis 7:12; Jonah 3:4), years (Judges 13:1; Heb.3), and of “testing” (Deut.8:2 ; Matt. 4). Scripture treats it as a  “timepiece” that, like the clock striking midnight, calls people to stop and remember His offended Law as a standard for life (Romans 7:10). What Jonah was saying to Nineveh was… “You have 40 days to repent or you will be destroyed. The clock is ticking.” Now, you do the math: Our Supreme Court threw Christ (King of the nations) out of our schools in 1961. We did nothing. So, count 40 years and tell me what then happened to our “sovereignty” as a nation.

Principle 3: Ambulances or Fences?

America is a bloody land.  It has murdered many millions …like Nineveh of old. That’s bad enough. But America licensed the murder of those who were helpless and could  not defend themselves! God holds every society responsible for blood shed unjustly (Deut. 21:7-9). But, God utterly “abhors” (Scripture’s language) those who, like Amalek, were cowardly, striking at the weak and helpless (Deut.25:17). God therefore ordered the destruction of the Amalekites, effacing their memory from the earth (Deut.25:19). Saul refused to sanction Amalek. So, God’s people and Saul were chastised for compromising God’s Holy Vengeance. We, as Christians, tend to take the edge off God’s Holy Character to accommodate “sensitivities”. Instead of warning people that God judges terribly, especially since He has given us 40 years to repent since Roe v. Wade (1973 – 2013)…the churches have withdrawn from the public arena. In contrast, during America’s era of Independence, our fathers feared God’s vengeance upon them. Their public mourning was for their own sins and negligence. Their stand against Britain and King was based upon such repentance.

If we assume no responsibility for the sin of the land, God holds us in contempt (Ezek. 3:18-19). Life is not a poem and it does NOT end well for impenitent or apathetic people. In calling people to repentance in Christ, we must never forget that salvation calls us to live in righteousness! So far, the churches prefer NOT to warn our generation about judgment. Worse yet. We have little of a victorious faith preached in our pulpits! We hear little of “faith that overcomes the world”. If the problem involves falling off a cliff, you don’t “solve” the problem by providing ambulances at the bottom ahead of time. YOU BUILD FENCES AT THE TOP! Call people to repent and LIVE in a faith that uproots evil. (Psalm 37). It’s time – literally, the 40th year is upon us – to recognize our dire state. The beginning of the 40th year has ALREADY furthered judgment upon us: Our nation, the very one that allowed the death of the helpless, is being rendered helpless by the Resident in the White House and his treasonous gun laws, signed this month. Worse, real gun confiscation is hurtling at us like an oncoming train wreck. The United Nations Small Arms Treaty conference (this March!) will conclude its work. The Resident will use his office to UNDO the Constitutional protections of the Second Amendment, rendering all Americans helpless… even as we UNDID the protections of the Constitution for 100 million helpless infants in our abortion genocide.

During the 40 years of our “testing”, our living children were increasingly harmed by sex, drugs, suicide, dumbed-down education, torn familial relations… many bringing anguish to parents in their waywardness (What? Christians who are apathetic to God’s Laws should expect their children to obey authority?). They see us discount God’s authoritative Law (Romans 7:22, 25). They hear about Pearly Gates, but see in the Church no expected victory of faith on earth (Hebrews 11:33). Why follow that?

What to Do…

1.   Do not take the law into your own hands. God will not condone lawlessness.

2.   Today, the Church has little of the faith of Caleb and Joshua, a faith that said “The giants are big, but our God will overcome them!” God blessed them for that faith. In contrast, Israel said “the giants are too big in the land” and perished in the wilderness. The Church desperately needs vision that accompanies our prayer: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” Well, how is it in heaven? Triumphant and reverent! Let that be our faith in the midst of trial and evil! 

3.   When tyranny exists, God calls for Interposition of the Lesser Magistrate as a public act of repentance!

4.   Join those who do believe in the God of Caleb and Joshua. Become a “Town Crier” with us. Please be willing to receive alerts about issues like the UN Gun Ban and network with others to use legal and effective means to contest these issues. Contact us at Here for information or sign up on the side panel of this blog!

(Permission is granted to copy and distribute this position paper in its entirety, giving credit to the author.  Copyright 2013 Wayne C. Sedlak) Download for distribution HERE

Flesh and Blood Fulfills Revelation

A Crying Need in the Churches:

The Book of Revelation Needs Correct Teaching in Pulpits


David Livingstone " The Everything Revelation Library"1.    The Real “Story” of the Book of Revelation… the People Who Fulfilled it!

This is a Story of the Book of Revelation. The author is NOT implying that somewhere in that great Book, missionary David Livingstone, the example provided here,  is “prophesied”.  Nothing so shallow is worthy of Revelation … or Livingstone’s memory for that matter. Read carefully. Perhaps, for all of the prophecy with which we contend, a singular lesson is consistently missed.  The lesson of David Livingstone is one of thousands which could be used.

As an important note, Revelation predicts an outpouring of the Gospel worldwide (see commentary on Revelation recommended at the end of this post).

2.    David Livingstone: One Example of People Whom God Uses to Fulfill Revelation’s Promises…

In Westminster Abbey the Inscription on the tomb of the renowned missionary David Livingstone contains these words:

Born March 19, 1813,
At Blantyre, Lanarkshire.
Died May 1, 1873,
At Chitambo’s Village, Ulala.
For 30 years his life was spent in an unwearied effort
To evangelize the native races
To explore the undiscovered secrets
To abolish the desolating slave trade
where with his last words he wrote
"All I can add in my solitude is
May Heaven’s rich blessing come down
On every one, American, English or Turk who will help to heal
This open sore of the world."

The left border of the stone also carries an inscription. It reads:

"Other sheep I have which are not of this fold."
"Them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice."

Perhaps, an even greater testimony to the powerful work of David Livingstone in Africa is the Love shown him by the natives of the nations he, through God’s grace, changed forever.  In the early morning hours of May 1, 1873, several natives approached the place where Livingstone lived among them. Not hearing him answer them, they timidly entered only to find him kneeling in prayer as had been his custom. In this posture they found him … His life was now gone … and as he lived in faith so had he died in faith.

His body would be shipped back to his native land in the British Isles. But before the natives of Africa carefully carried his body over the hundreds of miles of jungle to bring it to be shipped home, they buried his heart in Africa. They loved him, who had first loved them and had given up everything to come to “The Dark Continent” to bring the message of hope in Jesus Christ and a NEW WAY OF LIVING called RIGHTEOUSNESS!

Livingstone’s courage, faith, and love were mingled with wisdom found only by those who, like Solomon of old, seek such wisdom as favor from the Lord. Why?  So they can offer the very best of themselves as wisely as possible as a living sacrifice for others! (See Romans 12: 1-3).

Natives of Africa knew the David Livingstone who ministered to them for over three decades had taught them the Gospel, which in turn brought a new way of living. He taught them skills in hygiene, marriage life, family rearing, scientific herding and farming techniques of the day, and a host of other skills including the rule of justice in their tribal governance… all from the Word of God.

His was the Triumph of an Idea!  He knew his “wise counsels” credentialed the Gospel for which he labored. They saw him endure utter poverty, deadly illness, the loss of the life of his wife, the mauling of  a lion, his opposition to the Moslem slave trade, his tireless efforts to bring peace to warring tribes… and all attempts to keep such peace intact.

The Book of Revelation predicted an era of vast, worldwide missionary work would follow the “long delay” which we now look back on as the “Middle Ages”. Livingstone was one of the most impressive, worldwide leaders of the first truly international expansion of the Gospel in history. Livingstone’s vision, in turn, had been cultivated by the stirring preaching of Robert Moffat whom Livingstone heard on one occasion. This famous story reflects the missionary vision that gripped thousands of Christians then and now… thousands who would fulfill Revelation’s prediction that the Gospel would explode to the four corners of the earth. Here is the preaching that moved Livingstone: 

"Many a morning have I stood on the porch of my house, and looking northward, have seen the smoke arise from villages that have never heard of Jesus Christ. I have seen, at different times, the smoke of a thousand villages—villages whose people are without Christ, without God, and without hope in the world … The smoke of a thousand villages … The smoke of a thousand villages." Thus spoke the South African pioneer, Robert Moffat.

Robert Moffat’s words resounded in the Livingstone’s ears. Could it be he too would become the father of nations? Livingstone envisioned Africa’s millions waiting in the shadows and the smoke arising from their tribal home and hearth fires… "The smoke of a thousand villages."

3.    The Real Issue in Predictive Scripture…

Question: When was the last time you heard or read a message about the Book of Revelation’s predictions of the great missionary expansion internationally, beginning in the late seventeenth century? What we all usually hear is how we are in the last days…That message, in essence, instructs us to “baton down the hatches” and do nothing to involve ourselves in society, or the government and economic life of society. Our withdrawal from those arenas has cost us our country… and our way of life. It may yet cost us the Gospel and freedom of worship in our land!

Livingstone’s love was the admiration of the world. The otherwise humorous, even mocking   British public paper, Punch, left off from its normal levity and provided this honored epitaph as his body was brought to Westminster Abbey, England:

"Open the Abbey doors and bear him in
    To sleep with king and statesman, chief and sage —
       The missionary, born of weaver kin,
    But great by work that brooks no lower wage."

"Let marble crumble. Here lies Living-Stone."

So, again… this is the Real story of the Book of Revelation. Again, don’t be tempted to think the author  is implying that somewhere in that great Book, David Livingstone is personally “prophesied”.  Nothing so superficial is meant here. However, in order for any telling of the Book of Revelation to be truthful, it MUST include the heroes anticipated by its prophecies … and the villains, tyrants, inventors, ministers, missionaries… and the whole host of those who labored to do…and those who labored to undo… its contents.

The Book of Revelation deals with the real world.  It predicts movements that involve the lives of millions… people like Livingstone are anticipated by God. They are the ones whom God uses to fulfill His gloriously prophetic Word.

Amidst all the prophesies of the Book,  justice cannot be done to its interpretation and application UNLESS we include the memory and history of the great heroes of the faith, the common folk who make up the swollen streams of history and, as always, the villains who make life and history so bitter. THESE ARE THE INTERPRETATION OF THE BOOK!

Certainly, we must see  “what the Greek says”.  Of course, we must  cross reference the passages of Revelation with their interpretative counterparts in so many other areas of Scripture.  No doubt, we must pursue the great judgments of God… amidst the great movements of historical fulfillment.  But, beneath it all are those people who fulfilled its inspired “history-in-the-making” predictions.

God ALWAYS deals with flesh and blood. Metaphors abound in the Book. Comparisons are found by the dozens. But, ALWAYS God deals with flesh and blood. Heroes, common folk, villains, tyrants, inventors, explorers, ministers, elders, kings, parliaments… men and women, nations and issues… all are flesh and blood FULFILLMENT of the Inspired Record contained herein.

The real problem we all have is this: “How do we apply His Word to the world around us?” Suddenly, the flimsy and shallow interpretations of God’s Word, the easy living – non-sacrificial theorizing, and almost self-centered sensationalism disappears in the reality of God’s prophetic history realized … in flesh and blood APPLICATION UNTO FULFILLMENT.

That said…

You may be surprised to know that there is, and always has been, another approach to Revelation.  Until more recent “centuries” there was no name for it. The approach is the one almost everyone first (naturally) looks to use. It is the one that looks for an historical fulfillment of Revelation… the natural approach to interpreting prophecy in the Bible!

 BUT… this “approach” emphasizes the fact that Revelation was designed – NOT just for our generation of “last days” fulfillment – but for ALL generations of Christianity.

Our brethren of the Early Church, of the Medieval era, of the Reformation, and everyone in between and since, were given the same kind of help Revelation promises us today.  Were they less important than we? Would God forget them … and ONLY give us a Book designed for a couple of generations of churches in the “last days”?

To be clear, this is the approach that has been around much longer than the current fads on prophecy.  More specifically, it fulfills what we all expect when we come to Revelation: a Book designed by God to be fulfilled by REAL HISTORIES of events, movements, people and nations throughout the last 2000 years.

We, of the ICHR and the author of this series, believe you will not be disappointed in the powerful narratives of the fulfillments of Revelation in past history as well as what is yet to come.

In Him,

Wayne C. Sedlak, ICHR

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The Star, The Constellationā€¦ The Sun and Moon: Science Agrees with Scripture (Finally)

The 2000 Year Old Controversy Settled: The Exact Time Christ’s Birth

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.   – Revelation 12   

1.    The Book of Revelation and the Time of the Star of Bethlehem!

The Book of Revelation is a most remarkable study in precision: both historical and scientific. In chapter 12 of the book, there are precise ASTRONOMICAL (NOT astrology) positionings of the constellation Virgo (“The Virgin”), Sun, Moon and the 12 stars surrounding the head of Virgo. Their relationship to each other – described in Revelation EXACTLY – are the positions of these heavenly bodies with respect to each other at the time of Christ’s Birth… as now presented in over 900 planetariums worldwide. Scientists around the world are impressed with the astronomical precision of these, and other heavenly phenomena surrounding the birth of our Lord.

For 2000 years, historians, theologians, and scientists have debated the exact time of Christ’s birth. I remember my professors of different graduate schools,  each having very determined views about the time of Christ’s Birth.  I can say they were all wrong, since they represented worn-out guesswork now invalidated by science, history, computerization and Scripture. The combined results of science (computer data, astronomy, archaeology, physics), history (historical fulfillments of Revelation) and Scripture now combine to give us an exact… precise, reckoning for Christ’s time of birth: year, month, day, time.  



The time of Christ’s Birth, as described in Revelation, is just one of thousands of scientific stories, histories, scientific research, archaeological finds, and biblical facts. VisionViewpoint recommends to You, our readers, the New “Everything Revelation Library” – Precise, Scholarly Set covering everything you can imagine about the Book of  Revelation: Science, Prophecy Fulfilled, Histories, Significant Biographies.  ONLY VisionViewpoint readers receive a $10 Holiday Discount. Take advantage of the Discount. It will end soon. Type christmas in the discount section upon checkout!

History also testifies to the belief of many nations concerning the birth of Christ. All throughout the world, king after king, country after country, dynasty after dynasty, sought to be received by their people as the “Messiah”. Country after country wrote of the coming Deliverer who was to bring uprightness – justice – to mankind and defeat evil. He would come to establish the growth of His Kingdom. Here are a few of those nations (they all distort the Truth and tried to control it for their own benefit)…


  •      Romulus, purported founder of Rome, was believed by the Romans, to be the Messiah, sent by the gods (of a virgin birth?) to bring true civilization to the world. The Romans believed he performed miracles, gave  Rome its “laws”, was both king and High priest (like Melchizedek!), announced prophetic utterances, and ascended into the clouds. The Romans believed  in his “Second Coming” and various individuals were believed to embody his Return:  Scipio Africanus, Marius, Julius Caesar, and finally Augustus Caesar.
  •      Alexander the Great believed that he was chosen as the “son of the gods” and was chosen to  bring true civilization to the world. His “Gospel” was Hellenism, and he pursued that “calling” from the gods with vigor and resolve.
  •      Marduk of Babylonia was believed to be the son of the gods, dying to bring life to the world. He was responsible for destroying the great Evil, Tiamut the dragon. As the divine “son” he waged war and was involved in creation.
  •      The Pharaohs were believed to be Priest-kings who were “sons of god”.  Pharaoh was accepted  as the chief priest of Egypt’s pantheon of gods and “deliverer” against all evil. Egypt was to bring true civilization to the world.

2.    The Romans… and the Birth of Christ

It is no accident that when Herod heard from the Magi, he and Jerusalem were trouble:


Where is He who is born King of the Jews. We have seen His Star in the East and are come to worship Him. When Herod heard things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him. – Matthew 2: 2.

Herod knew the Romans were jealous of their “messianic” worldview. Furthermore, the Emperor Augustus had carefully positioned and propagandized himself as the divine “son of god”, the Deliverer of the nations. He commissioned court poets to write of the Pax Romana (the era of Roman Peace – the initiation of his own “Roman New World Order”).  Herod was concerned about any offence the Romans might take to this announcement.

Herod and all of Jerusalem knew that their masters, the Romans, would be disturbed by any news of an announced king, let alone the announcement of the Messiah. History records the Romans were disturbed… disturbed enough to send several Roman legions to Judea.  The War of Varus was the result.

Some questions are appropriate here, from a biblical and historical perspective:

•    How did the Magi know about the Christ and His birth?
•    Was there a Star over Bethlehem?
•    Why did Herod seek to kill all boys two years of age and under?
•    How did the Magi “get started”? In other words, it’s one thing to be in Bethlehem at the right time, but “getting there” on time was the trick.
•    Was there political-social-religious fallout to the visit of the Magi?

Science agrees with Scripture: Finally: The Christmas Star3.    The Key to Revelation 12: The Star over Bethlehem

In the year 2 BC, Augustus Caesar celebrated his 25th Jubilee. This was commemorating his assumption of the title and prerogatives as the “Emperor of the Romans”. In addition, this was the 750th year since the founding of Rome. He definitely positioned himself  as the “desire of  all nations”, the son of the gods, the second coming of Romulus (messiah),  founder of the “alleged” Roman millennium and “age of  peace”. He saw his Legions as the army of “true civilization”, bringing to mankind law and civilization .  

According to the personal friend and confidante of Augustus, in the year 63 BC, the Senate ordered all boy babies to be killed who were  born in that year. This was due to the signs in the heavens and portents of “official” Roman soothsayers, who prophesied of the coming of the “King of the Romans”, born in that year. Of  course, the Senate was the guardian of  the Republic and the idea of kingship was offensive. It is not surprising that it asserted that Augustus was born in that year (September 23, 63BC)?

Augustus wanted more. The Senate offered him the Title Pater Patriae, “Father of His Country” – a direct claim to being linked to Romulus, the alleged Father of the Romans. Augustus, the oh so humble one, of course, refused the honor (which he doubtless pressured the Senate to offer) the request unless the PEOPLE of the Empire “voted” approval of the title. After all, if you’re going to be “messiah”, you need more than the Senate to worship you.

So, a special decree went out from Augustus ordering everyone to attend their birthplace and resister for this special oath  – a  census not understood by historians until the late 20th century. Archaeologists found reference to an inscription from 3 BC which notes a recording of a special oath of obedience: “…taken by the inhabitants of Paphlagonia and the Roman businessmen dwelling among them. The same oath was sworn also by all the people at the altars of Augustus in the temples of Augustus in the various districts.”

So, everything was set for Augustus to have himself "exalted" by general acclamation of the Roman people. Significantly, the years 3 – 2 BC were full of astronomical events in the sky. These events seemed to  concur: Rome was the approved kingdom-civilization of the gods and Augustus  was the son of those gods. Here is the catalog of astronomical events, noted by the ancients and verified by science (Interestingly, while all were seeing these as pointing to Augustus, the “wise men” ignored the Romans and spent many months traveling to find the Real Messiah, declared by God’s Word):

1.    On May  19, 3 BC, a new Golden Age appeared to be dawning upon the world. The planets Saturn and Mercury were in close conjunction.

2.    Saturn moved to the east through the stars and met Venus on June 12, 3 BC.

3.    On August 12, 3BC, Jupiter (the “King planet” to the ancients) appeared together with Venus in a pre-dawn “morning star” conjunction. They would  have an extraordinary “evening star” reunion some 10 months later.  Given the state of astrological interpretation in that era, the first conjunction of these two planets occurred at the end of  the astrological year and the reunion 10 months later happened at the beginning of the astrological year. The astrologers (such as the Magi) could well have concluded that they were witnessing the end of an era and the beginning of a new era for mankind. That certainly “fit” the timetable and desire of Augustus.

4.    On August 12, Jupiter would also have been in union with Regulus (the Royal Star to  the ancients).  The three-fold “witness” of the King planet, King Star which was located in the Royal Constellation of Leo, was a spectacular event presaging the advent of some great Ruler of  the world. As always, Satan counterfeits truth so as to blind the thinking of society who would have been watching Augustus for the explanation of all of this activity. Remember, the sun, moon,  stars, planets, etc. all were used to point to rulers  and empires in those days.

5.    On September 11, 3 BC, the Sun “clothed” Virgo (the Virgin constellation) beginning august 27 and exited the September 15. At the point where the Sun was positioned “mid abdomen (where a normal woman would show in pregnancy), the Moon at this time would  have been under the Virgin’s feet in its circuit. For BOTH of these occurrences (mid-bodied Sun in Virgo, and Moon beneath the feet of Virgo at the same time) precise agreement only occurred between 6:15 pm and 7:45 pm. The actual, astronomical fulfillment occurred at 7:36 pm on September 11, 3BC.

This is exactly what Revelation 12 tells us. The description there is designed to give us the exact day and timing of birth of Christ, as the signs positioned themselves relative to Virgo. Virgo has several signs connected with it: Coma, Centaurus, Bootes, and Virgo itself.  Coma is the sign in Virgo that shows the Virgin with the new-born son on her knee.

This remarkable series of events sent the Magi on their way seeking the Messiah:

6.    Jupiter and Regulus are about to begin a remarkable series of  rendezvous with each other in 3 – 2 BC. On December 1, 3BC, February 17, 2 BC, May 8, 2 BC and most, importantly, December 25, 2 BC right over Bethlehem. As these two “Royal” witnesses consistently moved through their heavenly paths, Jupiter consistently proceeded in its “retrogression” around Regulus.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Bethlehem – Dec.  25, 2 BC.

Jupiter’s retrogression highlighted an extraordinary pathway over Regulus, giving the effect of  “standing over” Bethlehem, on December 25th, 2 BC.  The Magi knew that Christ had been born on September 11, 3 BC (see point 5 above). They followed  the Royal witnesses in the skies (His Star) and found Him in Bethlehem on December 25, 2 BC.  By then He was 15 months old.

Herod, inquiring about Christ’s birth, would have learned that it took  place on September 11, 3 BC., making Christ 15 months old. Adding the normal 9 months to His age, Herod would have arrived at 24 months – two years of age. He thus ordered the murder of all two year old boys (and under) by his decree.

7.    Incidentally, the 12 Crowns of Virgo correspond to the original meaning associated with the  12 Decans, the 12 major constellations inside each of which a part of the future history of God’s Will was originally PICTURED. This is what the antediluvian prophets  imputed to those star groups. It was this series of messages in the starry heavens by which the “heavens declare the glory of  God…”  The “handy work”, “speech”, “knowledge”, “their voice”, “their words” all need explaining and do not really seem to “fit” elsewhere in Scripture as usage referencing mere inanimate nature, as grand as it is in revealing God’s power and majesty (Romans 1).   


The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun…
– Psalm  19:1- 4

Question: Again, we interpret Abraham as he looked  at the starry host as simply seeing all those wonderful stars and believing in the seed “not as of many, but  as  of one ,that is, Christ”.  But, Abraham looked into  the starry skies and  believed ABOUT THE SEED.  That  is what Virgo through the 12 constellations is all about… Christ  the Seed and His conquest of the NATIONS. Seed and Nations are the two emphases. That is precisely what “in thy seed shall all the nations  of  the  earth be blessed” references. It  is was  the 12 Decans reference as well.   

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4.    The Romans and the Devil…

The Devil (Dragon) in Revelation chapter 12,  attempts to destroy Christ so as to prevent His coming into the world.  Of course, Satan attempted to destroy Christ when the wise men came to  Bethlehem. But, that was not the end of the matter. In the following January, 1 BC., Herod put to death two popular rabbis who had encouraged about 40 young men to pull down the Roman Eagle insignia placed by Herod over the Eastern gate of the Temple. These rabbis were burnt alive by Herod’s order, though  the youths got off with milder punishments.

This occurred in the year 1 BC., (not 4 BC as many theologians and historians incorrectly assert).   Herod’s order to put the two popular  rabbis to death for instigating the youths has a Messianic side to it. It appears these two rabbis – and many in Judaism – believed the time of Herod’s death had arrived and the commencement of a special era in which the Jews would be exalted over their enemies.

There are several interesting facts which demonstrate that the events surrounding this issue was indeed due to Jewish “Messianic expectation”. It makes sense that it would be. “All of Jerusalem” had been troubled at the Magi’s visit. These men were counselors of state to kings. Their arrival and testimony, and their interest in the Star aroused all of Jerusalem. The slaughter of the Innocents of Bethlehem was also known, as Matthew records (Matthew 2: 16 – 18).

Furthermore, there were certain occurrences that show the Messianism of this brief epoch.

1.    The sudden attempt to pull down the Imperial Eagle at the Temple, reflects the reward from God felt by the rabbis. This is seen in their assertion that NOW was the time to act and to gain “lasting fame and commemoration.”  

2.    The Romans never took Palestine “lightly” despite its small size. They knew that it  was generally taught that the Messiah would be born in Judea, Palestine. Note that is the way the Magi, as foreign dignitaries, expected things to settle.

3.    Not long before the War of Varus (summer – autumn, 1 BC) over 6000 Pharisees predicted the end of Herod’s house, initiating the era of the Messiah.  

4.     Gaius Caesar won the War of Varus that ensued (a war that was the direct result of the death of the rabbis). In 1960, a newly found inscription records the great victory of  Gaius.  It states, “Gaius, the son of Augustus, who was fighting the barbarians for the safety of all mankind…” The safety of all mankind!  Why such “dire consequences”, i.e., ALL MANKIND?  Wasn’t that a bit of  an overreaction?

No. It was not. The Romans took seriously the claims, known to the ancient world:

1)    The world watched for a future “deliverer”.

2)    The “Deliverer” would be the true herald  of  peace,  truth and  the  “will of  God”.

3)    The Jews were known to be associated with that peculiar promise. Furthermore, they actively taught such a truth and believed it  themselves.

4)    NOW… there was a Star, Bethlehem, magi, a troubled Jerusalem, prophecies from the Bible (Micah was cited directly in Herod’s Court) and Messianic hope among the Jewish people.  It was NOT an exaggeration to the mind of the Romans to treat this seriously. It WAS Roman belief that all others (except Rome and the Greeks) were barbaric, including the Jews. The Romans believed the religion of the Jews to be barbaric. According to the Romans, Rome alone had the way, the truth and the light. No one else need apply.

This inscription is augmented by a book dedicated to him by the celebrated King Juba of Mauritania on the occasion of this victory.   The Pisan Cenotaph inscription also confirms that this victory was won by Gaius “beyond the frontiers of the Empire”, which fits the Idumea of Herod’s domain well.  This victory was no light thing to the  Romans. Victory meant, to the Romans, a vindication of  their “messianic” calling from the beginning of their history (their reason for being “conquerors”). Theirs was the “true civilization”. All else was “barbaric”. This sentiment is  not unlike the reaction of today’s atheists and  humanists who rejoice at any legal or social victory over Christianity, as if the Lord is thus “proven” to not exist.

Gaius and the Legions of Quintilius Varus of Syria (about 20,000 soldiers) invaded Palestine from several directions, all under the authority of Gaius. The spark for the attack was the fact that the Passover was cancelled when 3000 Jews were slaughtered by Archelaus in the precincts of the Temple after engaging in massive protests against the killing of the two popular Rabbis and the expectant Messianic hope.  

5.    Josephus tells us that from this time forward, there were several unstable individuals who made claims about being the Messiah.
6.    All of this explains the reason the Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes and others, were so concerned about claimants calling themselves the “Christ”.  They really pressured John the Baptist since his “everyone was in expectation”. He promised the coming of the Messiah and that promise was the occasion for vast crowds to assemble. The  Jewish leadership assembled  and pressured any  public figure because The War of Varus had been so terrible that if anything again Messianic were to show  up in Judea, it could spark another war, the last thing the Jewish leadership wanted.

The War of Varus led to the humbling of Judea, with Gaius crucifying 2000 Jews and sending another 30,000 into slavery. It presents but one chapter in the ongoing struggle of Christianity and the attempts of the Devil to destroy Christ.


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