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“President’s Day”

Certainly no one is perfect, including our First President and Commander in Chief of the Continental Army of the United States during the war. There is a reason kings, rulers, emperors and even former enemies gave this man due honor in their respective countries at the time of his death in 1799.

Napoleon ordered all French flags be lowered to half-staff and all French soldiers and sailors to wear emblems of mourning for George Washington. Cornwallis, his former enemy, repeatedly wrote to him from India, where he was governor, asking George Washington for his counsels for the difficult problems he faced in India. Frederick the Great declared George Washington’s New Jersey campaign, which saved the cause of independence in 1776-77 to be one of the most brilliant campaigns in the annals of military history.  The Delaware Indian nation sought his counsel (1779) as a "father" concerning the raising of their children. The list goes on.  However, be it his brilliance on the battlefield as Frederick acknowledged, or his admired status in the eyes of Napoleon, or the counsel he gave to the Delaware Indians that they follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ, first and foremost, or the forgiving attitude he showed toward Lord Cornwallis, the man is a monument to honor, dignity and a graceful spirit under trial as well as in times of peace.

There is perhaps no more fitting display of admiration than those of quite literally hundreds of chaplains who served in the army under his command.  This, by the Rev Emerson who wrote upon the arrival of the Commander in Chief in the assumption of his duties; “there is a great overturning in the camp as to order and regularity.  New lords, new laws. The generals, Washington and Lee, are up and down the lines every day. New orders from his Excellency are read to the respective regiments every morning after prayers. The strictest government is taking place.  Everyone is made to know his place and keep in it."

This general order is illustrative of the real strength that moved General Washington. “Truly God is with us, and, though the way be dark and dreary, I believe He will carry us through safely at last."

Reverend Wayne C Sedlak

Slip of the Tongue Exposes Obama

The following link tells the story about the government’s intent to nationalize the gasoline (and transportation) industry. The current run-up in gas prices is not due to the natural laws of demand and supply. It is a manufactured “crisis” from which the government expects to draw the demand of the public to “do something” to end the crisis.

That something will repeat what the government has done with the automotive industr
y (in part),  and certainly the ominous Health care/health insurance industry. This is classic Machiavellianism: 1) Create a crisis for your constituency. 2) Get the media on your side to interpret the crisis “properly”. 3) Demonize someone as the “cause” (“Greedy speculators”, profiteers”, etc.). 4) Provoke the issue clandestinely until you get the people outraged and demanding a solution from government to the outrage (crisis). 5) In bringing a remedy to the problem crisis, grab as much power as possible, in this case, nationalizing the industries involved.

The leadership of the Congress knows all of this, hence this “Demoncrats” “Slip”.

Note: Maxine Waters Congresswoman makes a huge slip! This clip is showing Congresswoman Maxine Waters discussing drilling for new oil reserves. She explains, in a slip of the tongue, what this whole thing is all about. Whoops! She let it all slip out!… Now… What can you say? (notice the reaction of the people around her) This clip is about as blatant as a Liberal can get.. What she said was The Truth, accidentally, and notice that when she realized what she revealed to the public and the news media, it stopped her dead in her own tracks for a long moment. But, it was too late. She leaked out Obama’s scary agenda. Please send the  video out  far and wide across America …Please use it to get more Town Criers on the side panel.

Wisconsin’s Budget Bill

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Unions Explained

Gov. Scott Walker and the Transfer Society

Gov. Scott Walker and the Transfer SocietyIt goes without saying that the legislature has the right to deliberate without intimidation or distraction… Some legislators have been, quite literally, “mobbed” as they attend the legislative sessions.

In other words, the Capitol is being held hostage through illegal acts:

1)The illegal – and now impeachable – acts of state senators that fled to Illinois, denies quorum to the Legislature, so it cannot act upon any bills in the state Senate.

2) The protesters’ disorderly conduct inside the Capitol…and their unpredictable behavior is taking its toll.

Gov. Scott Walker’s Fiscal Repair Bill: The real issue goes much deeper

Gov. Scott Walker’s bill is designed to bring fiscal sanity back to the state. His efforts toward interposition of the state government against the tyranny of coerced (legal) plunder by the protesters and their power groups is really a powerful challenge to Federalism (the central government’s authority over increasingly subsidiary/servile state governments through the 14th Amendment).

Thus the Federal government will not aid or help Gov. Scott Walker. His efforts are now fully “targeted” by unions, the mainstay of democrats dominating the Federal government (the Obama administration has thrown its weight into the fray on behalf of the unions).

Inflationary policies have created “the transfer society” – a society in which the wealth of people is transferred by public policy to politically vocal groups through legislation and coercion. That is what Wisconsin has become…and what Gov. Scott Walker is attempting to curtail, at least to some extent.

Renowned economist, the late Dr. Hans Sennholz called the Transfer Society “…a victim society…torn by internal conflict…where money becomes a tool of political force and economic redistribution, a tool that is freely wielded by government, the transfer agent.”

Additionally, in a series of statements made by different police groups, many, if not all, of the police will join the protesters…or…at the very least, will NOT remove the protesters. After three weeks of vandalism, profanity and sleep-ins inside the Capitol building, the government went ahead and gave the order to remove the protesters, so as to restore law and order. The order would clean up the mess the protesters created by their sleep-ins. In response, the state police union sent out its alert urging its members not to enforce the orders, and to go ahead to join the protesters instead:

“Law enforcement officers know the difference between right and wrong, and Governor Walker’s attempt to eliminate the collective voice of Wisconsin’s devoted public employees is wrong…” “That is why we have stood with our fellow employees each day and why we will be sleeping among them tonight.” – Wisconsin Professional Police Association “boss” Jim Palmer

Reports from inside the Capitol speak of huge amounts of garbage, commotion, profanity, vandalism, the pounding of drums, bullying, and protestors beating on legislators’ doors and windows… “Law enforcement officers know the difference between right and wrong…” According to one source, “…the building has also reportedly developed quite a “stench,” with a witness saying: “…your State Capitol smells like the second week of Deer Camp.”

But, we are assured
, “Law enforcement officers know the difference between right and wrong…” How about their oath to uphold law and order…and their oath to uphold the Constitution of Wisconsin which obliges them to obey the Governor and the Legislature.

The position of Gov. Scott Walker is simple: Money doesn’t grow on trees…

People don’t really believe this country’s fiscal mess is actually jeopardizing the safety and the peace of this country. Inflation destroyed Germany after World War I, and the bitterness of the German people, torn by factions against each other, directly led to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

By signing the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was forced to pay unbelievably high money reparations to the Allies. Thus, when the gold reserves in Germany were quickly exhausted, Germany began to printing “easy money” of German Marks in huge amounts causing massive economic and political chaos with civil discord.
It was amidst this confusion that Hitler marked his rise to power. The people held the Weimar Republic responsible… brak[ing] their faith in the government. Hitler’s extensive propaganda to win the hearts of the people promised them a better future of economic prosperity. Demonstrations predicted unity and strength, winning the confidence of the Germans.

Gov. Scott Walker has repeatedly stated he is trying to balance a budget “out of control” and handed to him by previous administrations. The dollar is itself in danger. Yet the protesters want the power to coerce money and benefits, on the assumption the public Treasury is unlimited and the taxpayer’s pockets bottomless.
Since 2001, the dollar has lost about 40% of its value. The real purchasing power of the dollar is eroding daily… one dollar buys less and less by the day.
But, it’s the constant inflationary policies of the states and Federal government that erode the dollar. Greater demands by vocal pressure groups within society make it imperative that government produces “easy money” – “Stimulus” money, “credit”, and Treasury issues – all are contributing to the undermining of American society through inflation.

Inflation and its effects… The Real issue faced by Gov. Scott Walker

Dr. Hans Sennholz (considered by many the greatest free market economist of the 20th century. Dr. Sennholz was a boy during the Weimer Republic inflationary years and witnessed firsthand the rise of Hitler and his Nazis. Pastor Sedlak studied under Hans for four years at Grove City College in the 1970s. Dr. Sennholz was both Wayne’s professor and friend down to his passing in June, 2007.)

This is a small section excerpted from his book, Age of Inflation, 1979, p. 1, Western Islands… (Formatted for easier reading):

Gov. Scott Walker’s bill shows two kinds of Societies, based upon economic policies…


1. All free societies are governed by public opinion, and the quality of this public opinion shapes the character of government and its policies.
If public opinion favors individual freedom and self-reliance and is suspicious of political authority, it brings forth a system that governs least.
2. If, on the other hand, public opinion favors political governance and chooses to allocate income and wealth by force…


– it gives birth to a system of authority and conflict…
– It creates authority, i.e., government force, that is commensurate to the political objectives desired…
– [It] generates economic and social conflict
– What government distributes to its beneficiaries it must first seize from its victims.
– The transfer or welfare society, with its millions of beneficiaries, is also a victim society that is torn by internal conflict
– Chronic deficits which government may suffer in its transfer policies
– Rising prices… loss of purchasing power in the monetary unit.

As long as pressure groups have the means to coerce the passage of laws designed for their own enrichment and block the passage of laws which would restrain influence and deny benefits, the laws of Wisconsin will continue to “take us broke”. We will see conflict, strife, continued redistribution out of taxpayer’s pockets and into the pockets of those who use coercion and other tactics of power politics. We will see unending factionalizing of the society. We will see jobs flee the state and investors refuse to put money into a torn society, where their investment could be seized or otherwise jeopardized.

An inflationary society is a society of “legal plunder”. There is no excuse for it in any society, let alone in our once powerful AND economically free society.

-submitted, Wayne C. Sedlak, ICHR, on behalf of Reformation Hope Church