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Phil Robertson… Bursting a Bubble: The Illusion of Popular Support

Phil Robertson:  A Bold Stand

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has taken a bold stand: he dared to call homosexuality "sin". However, what happened next is even more important: he got fired by the network … and his "firing" roused a firestorm of protest that shocked everyone. People across the country are enraged that he expressed his opinion (albeit somewhat graphically) and got fired. Something about 1st Amendment … something about "conscience"… and especially something about "obedience to Christ"… all play into this series of ground shaking events.

Phil Robertson: Bursting the Bubble – "The Illusion of Popular Support"

But the REAL story is emerging. The theological and political Left have always exercised their "sway" by creating what several of their "pioneers" (Nechayev, Gramschi, Lenin) all called "the illusion of popular support." In other words, they organize followers (and as many organizations as will support them) to make bold claims that imply or directly claim their positions as "majority" positions" … or lacking that they claim "moral imperatives", "’civil’ and/or ‘constitutional’ rights", "popular outrage"… all with far less than majorities on their side. Yet, their "indignation", anger and "outrage" intimidates good people into believing that such positions DO HAVE Popular support on their side.

As Gramschi and Nechayev put it… Gain the advantage by claiming victory ahead of the real victory by Creating the illusion of popular support (stated by them in various ways), in essence, winning your position in the culture long before you ever gain real victory.

Phil Robertson’s stand burst that bubble: His faithfulness caught the Left off guard… and his supporters…all who stand with him… caught the powers that be off guard as well.

In the days and weeks ahead, he WILL be attacked by every Leftist journalist, TV celebrity, and offended "Christian" who must make Phil "pay" for his stand for Christ. Dig in for the days and weeks ahead. PERSEVERE WITH PHIL AND ENCOURAGE HIM AND HIS FAMILY TO STAND … COME WHAT MAY. Please look to the side of this post and  sign up to become a Town Crier with us. We will keep you posted.

– Wayne Sedlak, ICHR (Institute for Christian Heritage Research)


Rule of Law in Jeopardy

Obama to Sign Federal Notary Bill

Federal Notary Bill: Rule of Cruelty NOW to be Protected…by – Who else? – Obama
Obama got elected promising to do business in Washington differently by cleaning up the big power blocs and putting “Big Money” in its proverbial place. Well, I guess offering a blanket PARDON for ALL PERJURED individuals in the BIG MONEY industry of lending, banking and debt collection qualifies. It certainly is “different”. I really can’t remember any other President, as bad as they’ve been, offering BIG MONEY such a blanket pardon for FELONIES, felonies, each of which was used to savage American families. That alone makes the tally several MILLION Americans damaged. I wonder if the “president” will offer a BLANKET REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES to each and every one of the banks’ victims? What d’ya think?

Actually, I don’t wonder at all. This “president” (lower case is deliberate here) is simply wicked. He cannot do an right thing. By offering felons – tens of thousands of them – a blanket pardon, he destroys the Rule of Law. Legal chaos is usually followed by mob rule.

NOTE the important fact that BIG MONEY NEEDED to perjure themselves – tens of thousands of individual instances – in order to have a case against the your neighbor… or perhaps, you.

Our so very “different” “president” is intent upon signing into law a bill that would grant full pardon for perjury to all…

– lenders, banks, etc.
– the lending industry’s affiants (those who swear out affidavits for lenders),
– those Notary Publics who are involved across the country, and…
– those associated with the lending industry (debt collection industry).

Federal Notary Bill: Why the NEED?

Over the past couple of weeks, the banks have been suspending foreclosures in state after state. One bank suspended foreclosures in 23 states. Just a few days ago, a bank suspended foreclosures in ALL the states.
They ALL alleged flaws in their documentation. Sounds gratuitous doesn’t it? (Click here to understand more of “what’s up”).
Furthermore, in order to go to foreclosure or collect on alleged credit card defaults, the following has been the norm:
1. Lenders have sold the contract without the knowledge of the cardholder. They cannot produce the contract when demand is placed upon them by courts. So, they want you to believe that it’s just ONLY a case where their “documentation is incomplete.” Uh… that’s like Jack the Ripper telling the police his mutilating rampages were only “mistaken cases of identity”.

2. In selling the debt instrument almost after receiving the application, the banks were paid. The law only requires full payment of any alleged debt…ONCE.

3. Lenders/banks created alleged credit for you… which is a felony.

4. Banks got paid when, 1) they sold the alleged debt as a high-class promissory note to Wall Street, 2) set up a Demand Deposit (“checking account”) in your name on their ledgers without your knowledge and collected on it, 3) charged you interest, compounding it when able, and …4) Sold it to debt-collectors for them to collect on you. Everyone pays fourfold. Remember that when the American people are tempted to ask the upcoming Republicans (who represent business) to help BIG MONEY go after “deadbeats”, a.k.a. your neighbor who has been “harvested”, taxed, regulated, harassed and lied to in a sustained manner designed to guarantee no one gets up off the bottom of the economy. They will be asked to “restructure the collection laws” so that the economy can “recover”.

5. Lenders converted your mortgage/note into a high-class IOU. That’s called conversion. It too is a felony. (Now, refer to number 4 above).

6. Lenders had affiants (those who swore out affidavits) swear to things like … “The matters to be discussed herein are based upon personal knowledge derived from the books and records regularly kept in the ordinary course of the plaintiff’s business, kept in my personal possession or control”…

…when, in fact, such affiants are found to… a) never have existed or…b) exist as “professional signers” (or whatever you might call them) where they know nothing about the alleged account but DO sign off on sworn affidavits to the tune of tens or hundreds of thousands of perjured affidavits per “career”. One such signer swore in Court that he has signed phony affidavits upwards of several hundred thousand in number.

7. The Debt collection industry, an industry known for its cutthroat acts and lies (with egregious acts numbering regularly into the hundreds of illegal acts and deceits per case), also lie on documents, perpetrating fraud upon courts and alleged debtors in every case filed in court.

Federal Notary Bill: Perjury pardon upheaval…

Now the lenders are gettin’ caught…and they’re in a panic. And like Jack the Ripper, they want you to believe it was “only mistaken identity.” What they expect is a pardon from Obama (whose Administration is loaded with Bankers) for their perjury. That Pardon, incidentally, is a fait accompli. With so many BIG MONEY people in his cabinet, don’t expect Obama to do anything contrary to their needs.
With such a Pardon blanketing the landscape, all those rapacious lenders and their army of personnel, can escape the wrath of the law until they find ways to fix their industry… so they can go back to seizing homes and the wealth of their “neighbors”.
Of course, then they will convince the average Republican that their defaulting neighbors are “deadbeats”. They will convince their newly elected representatives that such people are “hurting other Americans” by their inability to pay, etc.

Just remember, the alleged “defaulting deadbeats” were…
1) first savaged by inflation that robs the money they hold in their hand moment by moment of its purchasing power – through no fault of their own.
2) Next, savaged by taxes that takes huge chunks of what’s left. (Ah, but wait till the new year brings in the Obama tax returns!)
3) Alleged deadbeats then lost their jobs because of the severe depression created by the BIG MONEY people who created the market downturn so as to create greater profit opportunities in seizing assets and homes.
4) Alleged deadbeats did not know that the BIG MONEY people created demand deposit accounts in their name on their ledgers. Did you know that…and its consequences?
5) Alleged deadbeats PAID the BIG MONEY people for that service without knowing that it was taking place.
6) Alleged deadbeats did not know that the BIG MONEY people also sold their “applications” for debt and thus were paid back in full, immediately.
7) Alleged deadbeats do not know that the BIG MONEY people sold their converted paper, and now the names of the alleged deadbeat’s papers are floating on Wall Street and around the world being bought and sold.

8) Alleged deadbeats do not know that the BIG MONEY people made money over and over again (four different ways) and risked a dime of their own in actual assets.

Obama is for pardoning the BIG MONEY people. Will he pardon all those Americans who are shattered financially and cannot pay one dime more to ANYTHING, government or corporate?

Now, I begin to see why, during the election year 2008, Obama didn’t put his hand on his heart (Remember that?) during the flag ceremony…
He doesn’t have a heart.
– submitted, Wayne C. Sedlak, ICHR