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100 Subjects the Pulpits Won’t Address

Christians and their churches are, all too often, unable to place biblical “proofs” side-by-side with sound thinking in many disciplines. But, too often,  the churches have “wandered” as well, getting away from key subject matters, or simply not understanding how to defend truth in many areas, much less how to recognize applications.

Yet the Church is called by St. Paul, “…the pillar and ground  of  the Truth.” (I Tim. 3: 15). It seems embarrassing, even pointless to speak of the churches in such a manner if the alleged “Pillar-and-ground-of-Truth-bearing-churches” refuse to address subjects in which people need answers. Don’t you think?


Yet the Bible commands the pulpits to teach and preach the underlying principles which address All of Life and its disciplines. We will be offering those subject matters that pulpits, by and large, refuse to address. We will also be offering pdf  Position Papers and/or audio productions which we will provide for your use. Papers/audios you can duplicate and give away…Professionally done for you and for your use. Print them, duplicate them… and give them away (They are copyrighted and are intended only for giving away without further obligation.)

These position papers and audio productions are, shall we say, “battle tested.” The information presented has been utilized in debates across the country with lawyers, humanists, scientists, educators, historians, talk show hosts…and,  yes, other pastors. It is a shame that for all of the unbelief in the first several professions mentioned, it was necessary to add “pastors” to that list…because so many good men in the pulpits do not understand the necessity nor are trained to handle the subjects tearing at our social, moral, economic and even religious “fiber” as a nation.

Purpose and Goal:

This section will be added to SolomonsToolbox.  VisionViewpoint of course, will not do all 100 areas in its newletter,


SolomonsToolbox will address them in all. And we will show you each subject and where to get your opt in. Send your friends as well. (But, they must sign up with their own valid email address). This is  not just a general worldview service. This service is designed to bring to Christian people everywhere brief, concise messages tying worldview issues together.
Of course, each capsule lesson will present the fallout from that truth – good  or bad – as it occurred historically.  You can see the categories which begin the series. (They are not “filled in” as yet).  But, they are being “added to” regularly, and will be ongoing for weeks ahead

Each audio “lesson” and/or position paper will tell a story – a brief illustrated history of an event or person –  each in a 2 – 10 minute “capsule” and/or position paper (written “white paper” on the subject).

It  will be available on SolomonsToolbox to you, without obligation. It is a new Ministry Training Center,  designed to specifically answer questions about issues not addressed by our pulpits – from basics to deep truths. All are designed as a defense of the Bible’s clearly demonstrated genius and its defense of the Truth as found in Jesus. The  Training Center includes additional  lesson capsules, already announced, on successful principles of entrepreneurship and economics as well. 

This is a ministry… and a  vital one for Christians everywhere. It is designed to help you evaluate the world around you, and act wisely within it. Its content is offered by the Institute of Christian Heritage Research, VisionViewpoint and Reformation Hope Church with its Ministries.

Tell your friends at church, or in your Christian network, schools, ministries, groups, Facebook and Twitter announcements, blogs, etc. about the new site offering as well as the opportunity to ask questions in the upcoming forum.

We will send you to SolomonsToolbox when this series is started and how to access the “capsules” and position papers. This is advance notice. For now, you can see the approach and the lessons areas in the making.

For the days ahead… keep watching…We will be announcing this more formally, of course. 

–    Wayne 


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    What is your reaction when you see pages like this on the net?


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