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by Interview:Dr.Gary Cass
March 30, 2012


Islam is advancing again. We have yet another wave of the great Moslem attempt to conquer the world. That is their agenda and they really believe they are going to accomplish that. They want to keep you off balance by making you think this religion is much more complicated than it is. They’ve got their 5 pillars of Islam, and a lot of sacred texts. It doesn’t end with the Quran. You don’t have to be an expert to boil it down to something simple; familiar to Christians; that they would be able to understand.

Using an analogy – The Christian Church people wear rubber bands around their wrists with different colors. WWJD What would Jesus do? It gives us an ethic of that we would follow after the example of Christ.
Take that same kind of thinking into a Moslem bracelet. WWMD –What would Mohammed do?

Moslems live their life on the morals and teaching of Mohammed. Unfortunately in the West, especially in America, we don’t care what Mohammed did and therefore the overwhelming majority of Americans have a very naïve understanding of him. Is Mohammed to Islam what Jesus is to Christianity? If so Mohammed must be a little bit like Jesus. Jesus was a nice teacher; he did good, he healed people. What is the strength of Christianity? It would be the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. The weak link is us.

It is completely the opposite in Islam. In Islam, Mohammed is the weak link. The varnish comes off from Islam very quickly when you start talking about the life and teachings of Mohammed. The Moslems know this and that’s why, when you talk about him, they consider it blasphemy. Even though everything you say would be documented out of the Quran and their sacred books, if you expose what is true you become subject to a death sentence. They will kill you. In fact they have signs they carry around in London that say – “Behead Those Who Insult Islam” You can’t tell the truth about Mohammed because it is insulting. The strength of Islam is the follower’s willingness to be vicious, and vicious on a scale unseen in any other ideology in the world. Historically speaking Islam has murdered more people in the name of Islam, by far, than any other ideology. Because most Americans are basically ignorant of these facts, they are able to be manipulated by the apologists of Islam, like CARE. American Islamic Relations and their P.R. groups. 

Moslems cannot help themselves. They will be violent. In fact God has ordained it. In Gen.16, is the prophecy of Ishmael. In Gen.16:12, it says he shall be a wild man. His hand shall be against every man and every man’s hand against him.

So we have in our own naivety, and our immigration policy, put jihad into our own backyard. At 1 to 2% of the population, they understand they have no place to start their overt, violent, jihad, right now and are just continuing in their stealth jihad mode. They’re infiltrating and sabotaging and doing their kind of dirty deeds, until such a point they get critical mass and then it will come to blows. Why do we know that?  Because we read history. You can always trust a communist to be a communist and you can always trust a Moslem to be a Moslem. This is part of the system. It’s systemic.

Another lie is, well what about the good Moslems? The problem with that is Islam is systemically violent, murderous, abusive to women and violent to anyone who doesn’t agree with them. How can you say he’s a good Moslem? The analogy is Islam is nothing more than a religious front for a criminal enterprise. Would we say that there’s good members of the KKK or Hells Angels? Maybe he’s not pulling the trigger but he’s part of the criminal enterprise. Until we understand that Islam is systematically incompatible with the kind of liberty and freedom that our Founders have given us, we don’t understand the enemy. As long as they can traffic in our ignorance, they will work under the radar right now, to have as many babies as they can; to infiltrate and co-op off our education, which they have already done; and to infiltrate and co-op our law enforcement and our military, which they have already done; and render it impenitent so they get the critical mass; so it can come to blows. So all of the insanity of our state department playing footsy with the Moslem brotherhood –

We go to high schools where Mosque’s have been set up. Who are they trying to proselyte? Usually at risk kids, black or hispanic who have this attitude against America. We hand out fliers to expose the truth about Mohammed. He owned slaves, had a lot of degrading things to say about black people, he was a racist. The other thing we do is put the Logo of the Moslem Brotherhood on there and explain what they actually say about themselves. There’s a big green circle, a picture of the Quran, 2 crossed swords and then there’s this gibberish in Arabic that no one knows what it means. It literally means in Arabic – “Terrorize the Infidel”  So that’s their stated purpose on their Logo and it hasn’t changed. Their Motto is – “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Quran our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope” . . .   So what’s the last thing you hear before the suicide bomb goes off?  THE CRY OF THE MOSLEM BROTHERHOOD.

Our state department is playing footsy with them according to a recent story. They want to give them 800 million dollars to bring in the Arab Spring. Well, let’s ask the Christians over in Egypt about the Arab Spring. It’s not the Arab Spring at all. It’s the Moslem Brotherhood Spring and it’s the Christians who will suffer. Nothing is being done that isn’t consistent with diplomatic America in decades past. It’s just bearing the fruit that unfortunately so many of the Elite have wanted for so long. What’s the common denominator? It’s Anti-Christ. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And it’s so silly, because you see these liberal organizations falling all over themselves to help the Moslem Brotherhood, and the moment the Moslem Brotherhood gets the opportunity, they’re going to murder everyone they can get their hands on and you just say -  Lord, how ignorant they become that don’t understand what is happening. Unfortunately God has given them a spirit of stupor and blindness. You can’t reason with them. You can point out the facts. The moment you do you’re a hater and a bigot, but I’m just quoting their stuff and I’m just reading history.     

 Our job as Christians is to remember what Jesus said “For this reason I came, that I might bear witness to the truth, and the world will hate you.” We take our lumps and let God get the glory, in whatever way he wants to, through our weak and feeble witness. We don’t have the luxury of not bearing witness to the truth although it’s very tempting.

This is not even welcome in most churches as you try to educate them as best you can and the thanks you get is to be ostracized even within your own denominations. This is hard for us to understand because we’re laboring under Christian assumptions, and the assumption is, that when you’re talking to people, particularly religious people, wouldn’t they tell you the truth? Isn’t that what religion does? It improves us and part of improving people would be to speak in truth.

 People would speak the truth, you would think, but again our naiveté.

Then you’ll find this, with people that speak for Islam. The Council on American Islamic Relations man, down here in Southern California, in San Diego, has attacked me. I run into this time and time again. I point out CARE is the propaganda wing of the Moslem Brotherhood and they labor under a whole set of different rules. It’s actually the rules of warfare. They’re at war with us, whether we want to admit it or not. Let me ask you, when we’re at war, do you tell the truth? Absolutely not. If you can deceive them, so much the better; if you can opt to escape, hide, confuse, sabotage, whatever you need to do, its war. You’ve got to understand that’s how Islam looks at us – THIS IS WAR. That’s how Mohammed looked at the world. The references are in the Quran. It’s all documented in our fliers that we hand out, where he basically says it’s a virtuous thing to deceive, so that’s the problem. Anything you hear coming out of a Moslems lips, you just have to say, why should I believe anything you’re saying? You consider me an infidel; Mohammed told you to deceive me, why should I take anything seriously that you’re saying to me? Wouldn’t I be foolish not to assume that you’re trying to deceive me? But most Christians, and I don’t know if this is just they want to give the benefit of the doubt, or they just don’t want to live with the reality that these people are at war with us.

They declared war on us 1400 years ago, which is interesting. Everyone says the reason they hate us is our foreign policy; they hate us because of our relationship to Israel. Excuse me – this war was declared 1400 years ago, long before we ever existed. So we can’t beat ourselves up trying to appease these people, who are our sworn enemies and again going back to Gen. 16, God has predestined this. They will be at war with us all. What God has not predestined according to that passage is the outcome. So we can’t say God has ordained and predestined that they will be at war with us, therefore they win. No, not necessarily. It’s Christians, who have defeated Islam before, and I’m fortunately looking down the road thinking jihad has come to America and the only thing that Moslems teach is overwhelming force and violence. That’s the only thing they understand. We can’t sit down and negotiate with them, you can’t reason with them because they’re at war with you. They see our willingness to sit down and talk as a stall tactic and a weakness. All they’re doing is appeasing us between battles. Where they can strengthen themselves and get more resources so they can come back and fight us again. Unless we know that and unless we act accordingly we’re being played for fools, and of course throw a little of Saudi money in there and we’re being bribed.

The Moslem treatment of women and children is not a happy topic. Ladies will see the signs sooner than their husbands will and we don’t have to look very far; just over to Europe. They’re down the road ahead of us in the experiment of multiculturalism. It’s not going very well for Europe. There’s epidemics, and we site this in one of our fliers, that we just handed out at a school in Irvine California, which is a hotbed of Islam, especially the University of California Irvine. We have stories of honor killings which are happening in Texas and Canada, and what’s going on over in Europe. Some people have alleged, I can’t  prove that, that they’re happening especially in the Deerborn, Michigan area, but being covered up, because the police have been co-oped by the Moslem Brotherhood, so they’re not being reported as honor killings. Did you know that Moslems have child brides. Did you know that Mohammed had sex with his 6 year old wife and this is documented?  What is the ethical axiom of Islam? WWMD What would Mohammed do, because after all he is the perfect example of a man to Allah. Therefore whatever he did must be okay. So do you think any Moslem has any trouble abusing a little girl? Absolutely not. Women and especially infidel women are nothing. So even now there’s gangs in the UK that have been grooming these little white girls. Going around and raping them and turning them into sex slaves. Humiliating them and then out of all of that, manipulating them into the sex trade. Our website gives these stories.

National Geographic has a story of a 6 year old wife who died of abuse from her husband. You can see what is going on in Norway where the rape of non Moslem women by Moslem men are at epidemic levels. Another troubling story is of the reporter Lara Logan. Remember her? She was over in Egypt during the celebrating. She was documenting the Arab Spring. She was in the square, where all the demonstrations were taking place. And what did our dear Moslem friends do to her? Stripped her naked and sexually assaulted her publicly and just completely destroyed this woman’s life. Why would they do that? Well that’s what Mohammed would do. He degraded women, he approved of wife beating, he approved of temporary marriages, get her into a marriage so you could exploit her sexually, so you’re not guilty of adultery. He engaged in it and his follower’s engage in it.


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