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Interview with Dr. Gary Cass
Islam Part 2
by Interview: Gary Cass
March 27, 2012

Mohammad: Who was he?

Dr. Cass decided after 9/11, as did many other Americans, to study Islam and start taking it seriously. When studying something new we often start with what we know and make comparisons. What did Dr. Cass know? Christianity. Christianity is not built on people, but on Christ. Christ is the strength of Christianity. Islam is the opposite. It is built on Mohammad. Ironically, he is also the weak link. He is known as the “perfect man”. As many of you know the Islam religion began when Mohammad received “visions”. At first he thought they were from the devil. His wife convinced him they were “spiritual” visions and so the drama begins.

We are familiar with the question “What would Jesus do?” but the question to examine here is what would Mohammad do? Islam is a violent religion in more ways than one. We have heard about the practice of jihad, which is scary on its own, but there are many other aspects of this religion that are even scarier!

Most of it is too horrible to think about, but think about it we must. The treatment of women in the Islamic religion is reprehensible.

According to the Koran itself, women are 2nd class citizens. Wife beating is condoned. At least one Muslim man or several other women must corroborate the testimony of a woman before it can be accepted in court.

Mohammad himself took a 6-year-old girl as his “wife”. Should we wonder that followers of Islam do the same today? The Ayatollah Khomeini, the Supreme Islamic leader of Iran, a 50-year-old man, had sex with a 4-year-old girl. Why should we be surprised and shocked when Mohammad did the same? Even arranging temporary marriages to young girls and prostitutes to satisfy their sinful desires.

The perversion does not end here. When one is morally compromised in one area, it is easy to compromise other areas as well. Some may know about the promise of the Koran that Muslim men will receive 72 virgins in heavens. They are also promised 28 young boys. Young boys to do what with? Homosexuality is rampant in Islam.

Men are not permitted to marry until they have “proven” themselves worthy. Their sexual frustration is taken out on religious infidels. Gang rapes are common where the population of Muslims reaches a tipping point. Evidence of this is contained in BBC reports concerning the countries of Norway and Sweden among others. Here in America our Muslim population is still well below the tipping point, but they are growing and gaining ground.

To find out more visit and download “The Perfect Man”. With Islam growing and the threats growing more violent, we are all responsible to educate ourselves and take action.


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