January 19th, 2018

Words are Words. Promises are Promises. But Performance is REALITY!

Learn to Build Your Network Effectively for Personal, Business or Social Influence - YOURS!

Give Yourself Permission to Dream
Act Like an Influencer...
Be an Influencer!

Find Out How "Influencers" Leverage Masses of People into "Word of Mouth" Connections Using the Internet

Learn What Influencers Know
to Build Their Own Networks, Attract Clients...
Find Out What Forces Prospects to Choose Them?

The 3 Goals You Train to Achieve...Quickly

  • Build your own networks or client "traffic" for whatever "dream" you are pursuing.
  • Quickly develop a stream of traffic to your website. You can have that happening after the first Lesson!
  • The First Goal is to get streams of traffic to your web presence.
  • The Second Goal is to teach you how to keep a steady, ever-increasing volume of traffic coming.                 
  • The Third Goal is to learn what it takes to convert your traffic into your pre-defined "Call to Action" (Sale, subscription, phone call, recommend, contact, etc.).

The "Rules" Influencers Online Live by...
Rule #1: Learn How to Access 10 Million People with Your Message in about 30 Minutes

Influencing Others - Rule 1: If you really are motivated to bring your message to the world "out there" - be it for business, outreach or networking - you MUST FIRST learn HOW Influencers ATTRACT PEOPLE TO THEIR MESSAGE... and where to find them!

 Rule #2: Professionals Prepare. Amateurs Merely "Arrive"

Influencing Others - Rule 2: Influencers don't do "random". They don't guess. Whether you are frustrated with a "i wish I could get MY message 'out there'" ... OR ... You are a corporate executive exasperated with "website", "SEO", "keyword" guesswork. You always seem to be asking team "Why aren't we on Front Page Google?" This opportunity is your answer! Influencers understand there are certain skill sets and tools needed to build high intensity networking success!

Imagine being on OVER 400 Google FRONT PAGES for your products/services ALL AT THE SAME TIME! We will show you HOW that can be done.* A small manufacturing business in Waukesha Wisconsin has done that for the last 6 years AFTER they trained with us. Now they compete with some of the biggest companies in the country... successfully... and constantly! Read about it in their own words:

True Story...Read it Here in Their Own Words... Local Manufacturer Competes Successfully Against Giants in Their Field (and the whole company has only about 12 employees ...total!)
"We compete with some of the most powerful companies in the world. Our customers are found in manufacturing companies of all sizes and industries – ranging from medical fields (including orthodontics, orthopedics, catheters, and surgical instruments) to automotive parts and engines, motorcycles, snowmobiles, pattern and mold makers, the plastics industry, recreational and consumer products industries.

Despite the wide range of competitive markets, we can compete across the board in all of these industries, and have successfully done so since our staff was trained by Wayne Sedlak.

We are consistently found on front page Google™ and have stayed there month after month. In fact, we haven’t had to touch our latest group of ads there for over 5 months – we just keep getting a steady stream of customers all the time.

It’s great to be able to control our costs, put the marketing on autopilot and do what we do best… service our clients!

We really do recommend this training for business growth, competitive positioning of online products and services. We are constantly increasing market share through our Internet marketing program.” 
Tim Winters
Partner, T. J. Grinding
Waukesha, Wisconsi

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Learn How You Can Drive a Targeted Market of People Without Waiting Months for the Search Engines to "Find You" (Hint: Does it make sense to wait? Why not go out and get the attention of the Search Engines? That is what online Influencers do! We'll show you How to do just that!)

What is Your Situation? Choose One...



Special Training Program for Corporations in Online Marketing & Influence Opportunities

80 - 85% of businesses
are stuck in the online rut. They spend money on "websites" and "SEO" but they can't get on Front page GoogleTM

   Special Program for Building Your Own Network, Getting Your Message Out Locally, Regionally, Nationally or Globally

YOU will connect with us by phone from wherever you choose. You will be taught be taught HOW to get people to your online presence... Ideally, you don't build websites or anything else until you know you will get customers to them ... and lots of them!
Small Business Marketing Online ... NOW Your Small Business CAN Compete  with other much larger businesses if needed.

So, what benefits will your company get if we train someone on your staff ... or... if we do the marketing for you?

  • "Keywords" aren't onine "tech" terms. They are markets. They are people searching for your message, products, or service.  Many  businesses have tens of thousands of underserved markets online.

  • Your company is taught how to get on Front page Google in hundreds of places at once, with practices always in line with Google's approved policies.

  • The majority of businesses reach LESS than 2% of their potential online customer base from their websites with fewer than 1% of the competition using this approach. Few know HOW this is done.

  • Your team will learn to "Train" your company's website pages to make them perform as if they were your 24 -7- 365 online "sales force" (which is what they become!)

  • We can train the optimal "dream team" for maximized online marketing ... which you can later expand as your market share grows. 

  • You can test markets BEFORE you invest in them with new ideas or products...

  • You find out WHAT people in your markets REALLY are asking for… BEFORE you commit resources to the market. In other words, you find what they want and THEN offer it to them!


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  • No more "SEO" and "Website" money pits or "lost opportunities. No more excuses why prospects AREN'T coming to you from across the Internet!

  • You learn to take charge with the skills to build networks and/or customers. Online marketing is now a focused science... not the random guesswork of amateurs.

  • You learn to create & aggressively coordinate a "TRANSMEDIA Social Online Platorm" (TSOP) that reaches into the swarming masses of traffic (still growing in this recession).

  • You learn HOW to develop and maximize your own email lists

  • You learn to offer added value for people without added cost online through dozens of differing strategies, expanding the MANY ways you can gain… and KEEP… contacts.

  • Imagine having a newsletter of 10,000 subscribers and having just 10% purchase a $100 item you sell through an online affiliate. That would be $100,000 in revenues in just one mailing!*

  • LEARN to find online places where pools of people visit regularly that you either didn’t know existed or didn’t know HOW to access (until NOW!).
*Example only. Results differ in all markets and offers. No quarantee of sales or revenues is being made here.

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  • Your business will learn HOW to be on MANY Front Page search engine results ...at the same time...and stay there!

  • You will learn to SAVE yourself TIME - YES, we said "Save Time" - as well as MONEY ... while getting more customers to your message and offer.

  • You will learn to "Train" your website pages to make them perform as if they were your 24 -7- 365 online sales force (which is what they become!)

  • You will learn why search and social media are becoming "one" and why real-time conent marketing is a "life-saver' for businesses!

  • Your business can Target and re-target your audience leveraging millions of websites, 24 hours/day, 365/yr.

  • You will learn to take advantage of unique targeting options on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and other onine sources.

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